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"Good Chance" Cuccinelli's Running for Governor

by: kindler

Sun Oct 23, 2011 at 10:31:56 AM EDT

Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Attorney General Cuccinelli dropped a bombshell last week when he "told a student at Norfolk Technical School on Tuesday that there is a 'good chance' he'll run for governor."

Yes, there was the usual after-the-fact correction by his spokesman, "clarifying" that Cuccy didn't specify when he would run for governor.  Perhaps those who've never heard a politician talk before may fall for that one.  As for the rest of us...

Look, let's cut through the BS.  While Cuccinelli excites the extremists who possess his party, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has all the charisma of an armadillo.  And as soon as Cuccy announces for Guv, Bolling is guaranteed to look like one of those armadillos by the side of a dusty Texas highway.  

If Cuccinelli runs, he will be the Republican nominee, and if the Dems fail to challenge him effectively, he will become our next governor.   Just think about how much he would set back the progress and reputation of this state.  At a time when even the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Economist are admitting that climate change is a scientific reality, Cuccinelli continues to pursue his lawsuit against the EPA for attempting to protect the public from the effects of climate change -- while refusing to drop his baseless and unconstitutional assault on Professor Michael Mann for engaging in legitimate academic research.

Cuccinelli's Virginia will be one in which the state acts aggressively as a bully to suppress all the favorite scapegoats of the far right -- gays, unions, environmentalists, immigrants, pregnant women, etc., while favoring vested interests like Big Coal, multinational corporations, gun manufacturers and the Church.

And guess what?  If we allow the State Senate to go Republican Tuesday, November 8th, there will be no check on the man and a lot of momentum carrying him forward.  Scared?  Well then get out there and fight for our Democratic candidates!  

kindler :: "Good Chance" Cuccinelli's Running for Governor
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Scary Thought (4.00 / 1)
For those who cannot fathom what VA would be like with an ideological bully governor who is also a darling of the far right GOP I respectfully submit that you should look to NJ under Chris Christie.

What (0.00 / 0)
is really scarey is he could actually win. I think that is what I can't wrap my head around. VA would be turned into a Mississippi or Alabama in one day. ESPECIALLY if we lose the Senate.
Does anyone know of any dem who may be thinking of running?

It is way to hard to comprehend Kookoo in the governor's office.


Names (0.00 / 0)
Names floating around are Ward Armstrong and Terry McAuliffe. Both men have real problems. Armstrong is another rural politician with few ties to NOVA. Terry McAuliffe doesn't seem able to shake off the "outsider" label, which is stupid.

[ Parent ]
I've heard Chap's name bandied about (0.00 / 0)
as well.

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[ Parent ]
Me, too! (0.00 / 0)
I have heard Chap! named, and in fact have assumed if he wins reelection he will be a candidate in 2013-bow tie and all.  I also recall that Gerry Connelly would not go Shermanesque when asked about a gubernatorial candidacy.

[ Parent ]
Lt. Gov. Run (0.00 / 0)
I remember well Chap's run for the Dem nomination for lt. governor. Chap learned during that effort much of what NOT to do. He had piles more money than Leslie Byrne or Phil Puckett, but he spent it very unwisely. Outside of party regulars, no one in the western half of the state knew who he was. I personally feel that he would be the strongest candidate (and would make a fine governor), but he needs to begin right now to gain statewide name recognition and build support for such a run.  

[ Parent ]
Scary and hard to imagine, yes (0.00 / 0)
But unless we envision it and realize that this can very plausibly happen, we cannot and won't prevent the curse of Governor Cuccinelli.  

For a Sustainable Virginia. Now on Twitter.

[ Parent ]
Mcaullife would be one if he only candidates (4.00 / 1)
That could take it to either cuch or boiling.
He has been one of the few to build a statewide presence both in dem support and public support.   Chap is great but I think a strong ticket under tmac would serve him better not go for the top billing.  Chap is not know statewide and would have to spend quite a bit of money and energy in name recognition efforts.

Tmac has built a solid following in nova

That's why we need to work harder than ever in 2013. (0.00 / 0)
Governor McAuliffe, anyone?

This is Gio, vist me here.


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