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Cuccinelli at Cocktail Party Tonight to Honor Anti-"Obamacare" Fanatic

by: lowkell

Thu Jan 26, 2012 at 13:05:14 PM EST

Our fine Attorney General continues to work hard for the people of Virginia and...yeah, right, what am I TALKING about? In reality, Ken Kookinelli continues to waste everyone's time on his crazy, extremist, ideologically-and-politically-driven wild goose (or should I say rat?) chases. The latest example? Check this out.
The Pacific Research Institute and Eagle Publishing are hosting a cocktail reception Thursday night to honor health care expert Sally Pipes with special remarks by Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli.

Pipes, author of The Truth About Obamacare, will explain just how big a threat she thinks "Obamacare is to the health and wealth of the American people" in her new book:  The Pipes Plan: The Top Ten Ways to Dismantle and Repeal Obamacare

Great stuff, huh? Sounds like a true meeting of the minds. So who is this Sally Pipes individual? I'll let Think Progress Health explain:
With her 'BA with honors' in economics, Pipes leads a tiny 'think tank,' Pacific Research Institute, and advances special interest (PRI's list of donors include Altria (formerly known as Philip Morris), Microsoft, Pfizer and ExxonMobil) agendas. PRI promotes itself a s "free-market think tank," but Pipes offers little in the way of solutions...

...Pipes' real contribution is her ability to conflate the administrations' health care proposals with the evils of socialized Canadian medicine and reference discredited health care crisis deniers along the way. For instance, when Braley asked Pipes why "dont' people who come from your point of view come to this committee and talk about constructive ways we're going to reduce preventable medical errors" and lower overall health care costs, Pipes quoted fellow health care denier Betsy McCaughey!

Great stuff, huh? By the way, is it just me, or have you noticed that the word "denier" comes up an awful lot when we're talking about Ken Kookinelli and his nutty friends? The pattern here is simple: they reach their conclusions based on ideology, what their corporate allies want, and general lunacy, and then they ignore any empirical evidence (aka, "facts") that don't conform to said conclusions. Thus, there's no need to do anything about greenhouse gas emissions because...magically, presto change-o, there's no global warming. See how easy that was? It must be nice and comforting to live in a fantasy world of your own making, where purple unicorns prance through the fields, and where there are ponies, ponies for everyone! That's where Ken Kookinelli resides, apparently, and he's none the wiser about it.
lowkell :: Cuccinelli at Cocktail Party Tonight to Honor Anti-"Obamacare" Fanatic
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Mindset (4.00 / 2)
One has to try to understand the delusional mindset:

A) I hate the Federal Gubmint and their regulations.

B) The AG hates them also and I voted for him.

C) The AG says there no global warming so it must be true.

D) Anything presented in opposition to his opinions is obviously a  
  liberal conspiracy against us true American Liberty loving

E) I watch Fox news and they report the true facts which back  
  up Ken's positions so I do not need to look for any more so
  called "facts" on the causes he pursues.

That about sums it up. (0.00 / 0)
Brain dead zombies following their "leaders" and not thinking for themselves. Pitiful.

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These Folks are fast... (0.00 / 0)
I just noticed that most of the references have been blocked, removed, etc.  

[ Parent ]
One Reference Just Got Unblocked (0.00 / 0)
I don't know why it got unblocked but I can see why Romney would want to block the letter.

January 26, 2006, 8:11 a.m.
Unhealthy in Massachusetts
The Romney plan doesn't cut it.

By Sally C. Pipes

Republican Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is trying to accomplish in his final year in office what Democrats can only dream of these days: boosting government spending on and regulation of health care and requiring individuals to purchase government-designed policies. Romney's plan, which is backed by such liberals as Sen. Ted Kennedy (D., Mass.), is being pitched as a compact between citizens and the state.

[ Parent ]
Couple broken links, I strongly doubt it's anything (0.00 / 0)
nefarious. Also, note that the Think Progress piece is from March 2009, so it's been almost three years - definitely wouldn't conclude that "these folks are fast" or whatever.

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Good you were watching... (0.00 / 0)
I'm so used to these folks scrubbing websites that I forgot to check the dates.

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