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Cuccinelli Invades Maryland

by: kindler

Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 09:01:09 AM EDT

It's truly remarkable how little time Ken Cuccinelli spends actually doing his job as Virginia Attorney General.  There are too many fun political games to play instead -- harassing climate scientists, suing the President over health care, suing the EPA over pretty much everything.

And now the latest -- Cuccinelli intervening in a Maryland gun control case with no implications whatsoever for Virginia.  As if terrorizing our state weren't enough, he has to interfere with our neighbors too.

Basically, our Ayatollah General used his time -- funded by your Virginia tax dollars -- to file a "friend of the court" brief in support of a Federal District Court ruling striking down an MD law that limits handgun permits to those who can prove a "good and substantial reason" to have one, i.e., an unusual threat to their personal safety.

kindler :: Cuccinelli Invades Maryland
Never mind the timing of this move, after not one but two horrific mass shootings conducted by crazed gunmen who purchased their firearms legally.  And let's just say for now that Cuccy is entitled to his opinions on the matter.  Just ask this -- what does it have to do with Virginia?  The odds of such a law being passed in our state are slimmer than Misty May-Treanor.  There is simply no reason for the state AG to intervene in this matter.

But Cuccy as usual is operating, not as state AG but as aspiring King of the Tea Party -- determined to be, on every issue, More Right-Wing Than Thou.  But why stop with legal briefs?  Why not be a real red-meat, manly conservative and send the VA National Guard across the borders to overrun DC and MD and forcibly arm their citizens?  After all, you can never be conservative enough when there's the historical example of folks like Genghis Khan to live up to.  

Just think, some day we can aspire to once again have an AG who spends his or her time protecting Virginia's consumers and citizens, challenging big corporations and others who pose real threats to our lives and livelihoods.  But in the meantime, if we're dumb enough to let this guy become governor, you can bet his mischief and meddling will get many, many times worse.  

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