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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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Democratic Party of Virginia Sues State Board of Elections to Stop...

From attorney @marceelias - "BREAKING: GOP Congressman Taylor's staff/operatives collected forged signatures to help an independent candidate who is under federal indictment get on the ballot...

Letter to Virginia Board of Elections: “If you do not take...

Cross posted from the Democratic Party of Virginia website: "...it has become apparent that the petition purporting to nominate Shaun D. Brown as an independent...

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And if anyone thinks Republicans will treat Democrats fairly, whether in terms of committee assignments or whatever, they are cockeyed optimists.  Same thing for...

Audio: Shelly Simonds, Attorneys for Va. House Dems Discuss Legal Challenge...

There's an interesting new legal development this afternoon (see audio and partial transcript below) in the ongoing saga over the election in Virginia HD-94,...

How To Deal With the Voter Photo ID Requirement

Virginia Department of Elections photo 140709VADE_zps64613748.jpgI have warned that implementation of the new Virginia photo Voter ID requirement is mercurial. If it is not in black and white in the statute, then Mark Obenshain's position is that only he, as the sponsor, can interpret the law's intent. This promises further obfuscation and confusion through November.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) is twiddling its thumbs and whistling Dixie as it walks down a treacherous path to voter suppression. That is NOT the way to deal with this. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is certain at the Virginia Department of Elections (VADE), nee State Board of Elections. There will be an opportunity through a comment period on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall for the voter ID regulations beginning on or about the 14th of July. I don't see anything posted yet.

"The Code of Virginia requires that a voter shows a valid Virginia identification card. The state board, by regulation, now defines expired IDs - regardless of how much time has transpired since their expiration - as being expressly 'valid,' which, to my thinking, violates the plain meaning of the statute." - state Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg)

This is the tip of the iceberg. The Registrars, as best I can tell, all have the equipment and software required to issue the new, otherwise useless, photo IDs. No voter, as far as I can tell, has obtained a new voter ID. The DPVA plan to facilitate obtaining IDs is completely dependent upon the rules remaining in stasis. That is pure folly. There are so many assumptions about implementation and no branch plans to compensate for failures of those assumptions. I have the solution, but first a bit of discussion.

State Board of Elections: Purposeful Negligence?

PhotobucketLess than two weeks away from the election, the Virginia State Board of Elections website, in the midst of a "convenient" remodel, features broken links and missing pages essential to the transparency necessary for confidence in the Virginia outcome. Election night, we might not have a window on Virginia results.

There has been a transition to a new user interface across state agencies. Not uncommon are the sort of errors you find on the General Assembly pages or even on the SBE site. But, now? A year after a most dramatic redistricting left Virginia voters confused and disoriented? A month after most of us received our new voter registration cards that would have lessened last year's confusion but were issued over this year's criticism of a new voter identification law? Some things are just too coincidental to be coincidence.

For now some of the links on the Results and Reports user interface function only after insistent manipulation. Some don't seem to function at all. And none of the reports have been moved to the "updated system."

We are currentlly (sic) in the process of converting our results from our former system to this system. If you would like to view results in the meantime, please go to our Results page. - SBE elections results page

The perfect explanation for an election day "malfunction?" Have the Republicans found their 2012 Florida?

McDonnell Waiting on Cuccinelli’s Office, State Board of Elections

Yesterday Governor McDonnell provided an update on his SB 1 (voter ID) position. He said that he is "very disappointed with the General Assembly on that score" and that he has not made any final decision yet, waiting for "input from the lawyers" and the Board of Elections.

"I submitted an amendment that would have, I think, fixed some of the concerns to make sure you simply do a signature check between the provisional ballot being cast and the voter registration file to see if the signatures match. If not, you know you have a potential fraud by that voter. I'm concerned that we have very good free honest elections in Virginia. But at the same time we don't want to burden voters and say they have to come back after the fact and so forth." - Governor McDonnell

In response to a caller on a Norfolk radio station program, the Governor said he had amended about 100 bills and that the General Assembly accepted about 88% of them. He said there are still about two weeks left in the process of reviewing those not accepted including the voter ID bill.