Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Jane Dittmar for Congress Campaign: “Tom Garrett’s Top Ten Most Ridiculous...

I strongly encourage all VA-05 voters to opt for Democrat Jane Dittmar instead of far-far-right-wing Republican Tom Garrett. You'll be happy you did! Tom Garrett’s...

Obama coming to Charlottesville for Perriello

the word came out on an email blast from the RTD.   Their website has this brief piece on it

Obama will be there on Friday.  

A White House official confirmed the president's plans but did not have further details.

It is quite unusual for the President to make this kind of trip for only one Congressional district.  I wonder if this is in conjunction with other stops that day.  

If nothing else, it confirms how important Perriello's seat is.  Tom has already had events with Arne Duncan and Tom Vilsack, a telephone event with George Miller, and as a freshman got onto transportation and infrastructure.  We always knew this would be a battle.

Hopefully the President's presence will energize the young people and serve also to help maximize African-American turnout in the district.

UPDATE by Lowell: According to reporter Adam Rhew, "Perriello campaign announces congressman will be on Colbert Report tomorrow night."

In Praise of Perriello

He won his seat in 2008 by 727 votes over a longtime incumbent


McCain carried his district.

He voted for healthcare reform and for the energy bill.

He is in the crosshairs of Sarah Palin.

Republicans and - thanks to Citizens United - corporations will spend millions to defeat him.

He is one of the very best Congressman around.

His name is Tom Perriello, of Virginia's 5th Congressional District, and I want to praise him.