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BREAKING: After 10 Years as Fairfax County Board Chair, Sharon Bulova...

Long anticipated, but still a major development in Fairfax County (population 1.2 million, larger than several states) - Chairman of the Board of Supervisors...

Video: The “Holiest Day of the Year” (St. Patrick’s Day) with...

Another year, another "holiest day of the year" - St. Patrick's Day with Guinness, Harp, green cookies, corn beef and cabbage, Rep. Gerry Connolly...

Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova Clarifies Sheriff’s “recent announcement to...

I found the following, by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova (D) to be a helpful clarification on "the Fairfax County Sheriff's recent...

Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly’s St. Patrick’s Day Party 2017

First, the results of the straw poll from Rep. Gerry Connolly's 2017 St. Patrick's Day party this evening, which was attended by somewhere around...

Fairfax Supervisors Back Cuccinelli’s War on EPA

A central act in AG Ken Cuccinelli's schtick is blaming the EPA for everything bad in the world: high electricity prices, climate change conspiracies, the heartbreak of psoriasis -- you name it.  It's who he is.  

But why would the Democratic-controlled Fairfax County Board of Supervisors aid and abet him in this act -- at a time when he is running to become the #1 Tea Party Governor in America?  

You better ask them.  The Board and Cuccinelli just won a lawsuit against EPA on the issue of protecting aquatic life in a local creek.

Not surprisingly, Cuccinelli characterized the case by employing his favorite rhetorical technique -- LYING:

"EPA was literally treating water itself - the very substance the Clean Water Act was created to protect - as a pollutant."

Really?  Well, here's my challenge to Kookinelli and his supporters: please read through the hundreds of pages of EPA's regulatory decision on this matter -- and show me where they declare water to be a pollutant.  

Sharon Bulova, Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin: A Great Combo for...

Any further questions? If so, there are two more images you should see on the "flip." :)

Video: Tim Kaine, Sharon Bulova, Dave Marsden Make the Case for...

Here's some video from yesterday afternoon's highly successful event for Janet Oleszek. First, here's Tim Kaine explaining why having a former School Board member on the County (or city) Board is highly beneficial. According to Kaine, education is the "single largest line item" in the Fairfax County budget, and having someone who knows that budget inside and out can be very helpful. Also, Kaine says that the relationship between the School Board and County Board is almost always a tense one, but that this tension gets "mitigated and lessened...if you put a talented School Board member on the [County] Board." Finally, Kaine predicted that this could be an extremely close election in an "off-off year," which means that "the marginal impact you make...is greater this year than in any other election." Which is why we need Democrats to get out there and help Janet Oleszek (and others) win this election!

Next, turn to the "flip" for Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova praising Janet Oleszek and urging her election to the Board of Supervisors, so that "education stays the #1 priority in Fairfax County." In addition, Bulova argues that Janet Oleszek has been a leader in maintaining the high quality of life that makes Fairfax attractive to corporations and to people thinking about doing business and/or living there. According to Bulova, "[Janet Oleszek] understands schools, she understands the budget, she understands making the priorities that we need to invest in the most important thing that we have here in Fairfax County, so we need Janet Oleszek [on the Board]."

Sharon Bulova Strongly Endorses Dr. Babur Lateef for Prince William County...

At the 23rd annual candidates' night dinner of the New Dominion PAC ("The Voice for Arab Americans in Virginia)" last night in Tysons Corner, Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova strongly endorsed Dr. Babur Lateef for Prince William County Board Chair. Lateef is running against the notorious xenophobe Corey Stewart, who unsurprisingly blew off this important Arab-American event last night.

A few points by Sharon Bulova about Dr. Lateef: 1)  He's very impressive and personable, a "really good guy" (I strongly second this - he really is!); 2) He believes very strongly in education; 3) He has been an impressive fundraiser; 4) He will be an "absolutely magnificent chairman" of the PW County Board of Supervisors; 5) He will "represent all of the people, and will celebrate enhance the diversity in Prince William County, and that's something that doesn't happen sufficiently now and will under his chairmanship."

In his remarks, Dr. Lateef noted that Fairfax County is the largest county in Virginia and Prince William County is the second largest, so this is a great endorsement. He gave shoutouts to Del. Mark Sickles, Sen. Toddy Puller and Democratic candidate Jack Dobbyn. Why is he running? He quoted Teddy Roosevelt that "America will be a great place for each of us to live in, if we make it a great place for ALL of us to live in." Today, Lateef pointed out, that isn't the case in PW County. Instead, Corey Stewart pushed through a law that "said if you look illegal the police can stop you and ask for proof of citizenship; this is where the Arizona law started." Lateef added that, in stark contrast, he stands for the values of "equality and tolerance." As a physician, he says his first priority is to "do no harm" (Corey Stewart, of course, has done a great deal of harm). He also pointed out that he's a small business owner, has kids in the public schools, and is a proud Democrat who's not going to "duck and run" when we're attacked. Finally, he spoke movingly about the importance of immigration (of the self-selected "best and the brightest") to America. If all that doesn't get you fired up for Dr. Babur Lateef for Prince William County Board chair, I'm not sure what will. Go Lateef!

P.S. By the way, I'm hearing that there's turmoil in Corey Stewart's campaign, as his campaign manager reportedly quit in dissatisfaction and hasn't been replaced. Heckuva job Corey Stewart!

Sharon Bulova, Janet Oleszek Blast John Cook on Pension Funds

I was at the Braddock District supervisor's debate last night, which was packed with 100+ people, mostly Cook supporters from what I could tell from bumper stickers in the parking lot (note: this was Cook's home turn, as NLS explains). As for John Cook, I'd never seen him in action before, and my first impression was that I can see why he's most definitely a politician (in all senses of that word) -- slick and glib, but fundamentally without much "beef" there (unless you like Cuccinelli-supported Teapublicans pretending to be "moderates"). Cook also makes mistakes, despite being able to rattle off facts and figures, as the following press release from Fairfax County Board Chair Sharon Bulova, along with Democratic nominee Janet Oleszek, explains. I'd just add that if you're looking for "slick and glib politician," then by all means support John Cook for reelection. If, instead, you want someone who's clearly not a politician at heart, but is a real person who cares about her community, and who shares the values of most people in Braddock District, then your choice is also clear -- Janet Oleszek. Finally, if you really want a (self-described) strong fiscal conservative, you can always vote for the independent candidate in the race, Carey Campbell, who is running hard against (in his words) the "borrow and spend" incumbent.
Today the campaigns of Sharon Bulova for Chairman and Janet Oleszek for Braddock Supervisor released the following regarding the pension plans discussed in last night's Braddock District Supervisor debate:

"John continues to misunderstand how Fairfax County maintains the stability of its pension funds", Chairman Bulova said. We are following the guidance of our financial experts with whom I work every day and maintain a level of funding that helps to protect our retirees and current employees from being hurt by market fluctuations. His claim of being the one on the board to stand up is right, but he is standing up against good financial advice and the expertise on the boards of trustees of all three pension funds.

"I think Sharon Bulova has been doing an excellent job managing an extremely complex budget", Janet Oleszek said.  "It's actually laughable that John tried to compare himself to Sharon at one time during the debate, while attacking her record of fiscal leadership in another part of the debate.  If John wants to make this election a referendum on Sharon's leadership of Fairfax County then I accept."

Photo courtesy of Clifford'sPhotography

Sharon Bulova Goes All Out for McCain-Palin Dude

If you ever gave money to Sharon Bulova, assuming she'd use that money either a) for her own reelection or b) to help elect actual Democrats to office, apparently you've been taken for a ride. If you note the bottom of this letter (click to "embiggen"), sent on behalf of McCain-Palin Republican Chris Wade (note: Wade now claims to be a "Democrat," but with absolutely no explanation whatsoever of why this lifelong Republican, and a right-wing one at that, has suddenly switched), at the bottom it says "Paid for and authorized by Sharon Bulova for Chairman."

If you ever gave money to Sharon Bulova, is helping elect a self-described STRONG McCain-Palin  supported to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors what you intended your money to be going towards? If not, you might want to contact Sharon Bulova and let her know how you feel about this situation. Even better, you could help out a real Democrat, either by donating money, volunteering your time, and/or by voting next Tuesday for Janet Oleszek for Braddock District Supervisor. Then, the next time Sharon Bulova comes asking you for money, you can remind her of what she did with it back in 2011, and politely but firmly hang up the phone.