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The People’s Court: Prince William Clerk of the Circuit Court Candidates’...

crossposted from Daily Kos I recently wrote about the Prince William Clerk of the Circuit Court Special Election and fellow Kos contributor pdxbuckeye published an excellent...

Ralph Northam’s Campaign Praises the “Virginia Way.” Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

The Virginia Capitol, ground view. While Democrats justifiably lament the rise of fake news, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam campaign’s latest press release concludes with a...

#Resistance Virginia: Schuyler VanValkenburg for VA-72

Riding the wave of Democratic enthusiasm in Virginia, Schuyler VanValkenburg has thrown his hat into the ring for the VA-72 race. Schuyler is a...

No Longer Invisible, No Longer Alone, No Longer Hopeless

After watching President Obama’s farewell address last night, I found myself thinking back on his presidency, and where I was in my life when...

TRUMPTANIC Sinking in VA-7…Brat at Helm…Pence Lifeboat Sent in with…Pizzas?

"Mike #Pence made an unannounced trip to Central Virginia today... All to see Dave Brat, rally supporters at Brat's campaign office," so reported NBC...

Dave Brat: The Biggest Loser in the Trump Train Wreck

Dave Brat clambered onto the Trump Train last year after The Donald donated thousands of dollars to his war chest.  Though he didn’t formally...

Res ipsa loquitur – the matter speaks for itself

Donald Trump's lame apology, followed by the even lamer remarks of Dave Brat.  Thank goodness Eileen Bedell had intelligent things to say!  The CBS...

Will 2016 Democratic Campaigns Continue to Flush Their $$$ Down the...

Back in November 2014, I used that year's VA-10 Congressional race as a case study in looking at whether broadcast TV political ads are...

Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, October 16.

*U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Lowest Since 2007 on Revenue Jump (That's right, this happened under the leadership of President Obama and the Democrats. Actually, it would have fallen a LOT further if we had allowed  more of the Bush tax cuts to expire, or if Teapublicans hadn't killed the Obama-Boehner deficit deal.)
*For Republicans, saying no to Obama may be enough on Election Day (Will voters, in their infinite wisdom, actually FALL for this crap?!? Sadly, a lot of them will...)
*Outbreak fuels an epidemic of fear, anxiety in U.S. (Almost all of it completely unawarranted, also wildly out of proportion with real threats like obesity, smoking, the flu, climate change, whatever.)
*Market gyrations raise a question: Is the five-year ride up about to end?
*Iraq's chemical weapons ("The apparent cover-up of chemical weapons stockpiles in Iraq - and the injuries sustained by American soldiers disposing of them - represents a new, and stunning, level of callous conduct.")
*The Absolute Weirdest Thing Ever To Happen At A Political Debate (Rick Scott is pathetic, part 5 million.)
*NPR Makes 'Significant Change' To Policy To Limit Use of 'Redskins' On Air
*Fox News doctor unloads on Obama in unhinged racial rant about Ebola (Unhinged rants? Fox? Who would have ever guessed?!? LOL)
*Mark Warner for reelection to the U.S. Senate in Virginia (Good, although of course Lee Hockstader has to make several really dumb comments, such as "Gillespie has the skills to be a bipartisan player in the Senate, as Mr. Warner has been." Seriously?!? Whatever.)
*Foust questioned over 'real job' comment during TV interview (Foust: "The problem is, those jobs were so hyper-partisan, and that was the point I was making.")
*Warner raises $2 million in quarter, Brat outpaces Trammell
*Details emerge over mysterious dismissal of juror in McDonnell case ("The juror...was let go because he called a lawyer he knew and mentioned his jury service - although both he and the lawyer said their conversation did not go far beyond that, court records show.")
*Rand Paul stumps for Gillespie and Brat in Ashland (Two extremists - Paul and Brat - plus one corrupt, crony capitalist. Lovely.)

Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, October 15.

*White People Support Voter ID Laws More After Seeing Black People Voting (Any further questions about Republican motivations in pushing voter ID laws and other means of suppressing the vote?)
*The virus you should worry about ("Panic about Ebola won't help anyone, but getting a flu shot just might." I'd also point out that obesity, smoking, pollution, etc. kill orders of magnitude more people in this country every year than Ebola.)
*Supreme Court blocks Texas abortion restrictions (SCOTUS actually got something correct right for a change? Amazing.)
*Scoop: Democrats pour $1M more into Georgia (Good!)
*DSCC Goes Dark in Kentucky (Bummer!)
*Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011, Harvard Research Shows ("Why claims in the media that mass shootings aren't increasing are wrong.")
*Senate Candidate Orchestrated Racial Gerrymander, Now Praises Court For Striking It Down (Yep, that's Ed Gillespie.)
*Paul Ryan Still Doesn't Know What He's Talking About On Climate Change (Ryan's a pathological liar, of course. Is he also just saying what his fossil fuel corporate masters want him to say, being a good "useful idiot" and all that? Either way, he's horrible.)
*Schapiro: Senate race gets interesting, but don't hold your breath ("In playing the ethics card against Warner, Gillespie does so at great risk. As a D.C. insider, Gillespie has a checkered employment history - one that's been fodder for attack ads by a Warner-aligned super PAC. It's already focused on Gillespie's lucrative tie to Enron.")
*So long, Mr. Above It All: Warner is a political operative after all
*John, not Mark, touts Warner in TV ad
*Governor placed angy call to Puckett following vote scuttling Medicaid expansion ("Several people familiar with the message said the governor closed his remarks with words to the effect that he hoped Puckett could live with his decision.")
*Spokesman: McAuliffe not involved in Warner's Puckett call (Riiiiight...uh huh.)
*Weaving a tangled web ("This is the 'Virginia way' and will continue to be until voters hold their elected officials to account, until the public demands better and until lawmakers recognize this is not the way we expect the people's business to be conducted." Agreed.)
*Why Jim Webb Could be Hillary Clinton's Worst Nightmare (Interesting, but...I doubt it.)
*Feds: McDonnell doesn't deserve new trial
*Va. revenue collections up 5.3 percent in September over September 2013
*Outside groups launch attacks in Va. congressional race
*McAuliffe pitches energy plan ("McAuliffe has taken some hits over the pipeline from conservation voters who backed him in last year's gubernatorial election. He insists he's blazing a pragmatic path, though, relying on fossil fuels and nuclear energy while laying the groundwork for a wind and solar energy boom in Virginia.")
*30 anti-pipeline protesters confront McAuliffe's energy plan