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Any “Strategery” Articles?


Since Blue Commonwealth has merged with Blue Virginia, would it be a good idea to place more strategic articles in this blog?  

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I’ve followed BV for a while for the entertainment value, but I really liked BC for the in depth discussion of strategy, i.e., how do we make the Commonwealth Blue?  As of late, this blog seems to be preaching to the choir, but really doesn’t seem to be discussing election strategy much.  Counting down the last 20 articles, I pretty much just see posts criticizing the Republican administration, and one political ad.  

As a Coffee Party Movement member, I tend to like to tone rhetoric down a bit, but I realize tone is what makes Lowell’s articles fun.  

That being said, if this is a true merger of blogs, do we need to bring back some of the strategy discussions?  Like Teddy’s “Hard Lessons” and “Where do we go from here” posts?


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