Now They Tell Us: WAPO Finally Admits So-Called Tea Party Has Been Oversold


    Now, they tell us.  The Washington Post finally admits that an investigation of the so-called Tea Party (so-called because unlike the original Tea Party, it wants to subvert representative government)isn’t really much of a “movement” at all.  

    But a new Washington Post canvass of hundreds of local tea party groups reveals a different sort of organization, one that is not so much a movement as a disparate band of vaguely connected gatherings that do surprisingly little to engage in the political process.

    I will take it a step further.  Indeed the “movement” has been more contrived by a national corporate media than it has existed in real life.  The so-called MSM has used this contrived “movement” to damage the Obama presidency, elevate nitwits such as Sharon Angle and Sarah Palin, the latter of whom the American public resoundingly had rejected.  But still, the media were hell-bent on ramming her down our throats anyway.

    No matter how outrageous, absurd, clueless, or just plain nasty Sharon Angle is the media have played up her candidacy and pretended she was a legitimate candidate rather than an ignorant incompetent who knows nothing about government and seeks only to serve as a wrecking ball.

    But the larger deception was the manner in which the enite Tea Party” movement has been used to bundle and repackage as candidates a menagerie of hateful, destructive candidates, who have no business running for national office in the first place.  Not one of them has consistently told the truth in their campaigns.  Not one of them has demonsrated sufficient knowledge of how government works–or the Constitution which they pruport to uphold.  It would be a joke if the stakes were not so high.


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