Tom Perriello Named to Time Magazine’s “40 Under 40” Leaders List


    Not that this should be a surprise, but congratulations nonetheless to Tom Perriello for being named as one of Time Magazine’s “40 Under 40”, young civic leaders (and “rising stars”) list. Three of my favorite answers from Tom’s interview are:

    1. Asked what he’ll be doing professionally in five years, Tom responds, “Planning ahead is an excuse not to do what you’re called to do right now.” I’ve got to remember that for future interviews. 🙂

    2. On his “political hero/inspiration,” Tom names Bobby Kennedy (good choice!) but also someone named William Wilburforce, “the parliamentarian who helped end the slave trade back in the day and was a person of deep faith…willing to stand outside the sense of justice of his time.” Is Tom describing himself or what?!?

    3. And finally, half kidding here, Tom names his “go-to political blog” – “Blue Virginia keeps me up to date.” 🙂 Thanks Tom; I can think of no greater compliment from this superb young leader and Congressman. Now, having engaged in our morning Perriello love fest, let’s all get back to helping reelect him and confirm that Time Magazine was spot on in putting him on their leaders list!


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