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Virginia News Headlines: Fathers Day 2011


Happy Fathers Day to all fathers out there, and to everyone who has a father. 🙂 Here’s your gift from Blue Virginia — the Sunday Virginia news headlines. Enjoy!

*Toll road still tangled, drivers say

*2 years after Red Line crash: Metro making progress, work remains

*Virginia Supreme Court justice selection slowed by stalemate

*Main highways rated below state standards

*Kaine gears up for marathon U.S. Senate race with Valley stops

*Kaine makes campaign stop in Staunton

*Virginia Politics: Next year is now

*Editorial: Legislators fail to fill judicial vacancies

*GOP only 3 Senate seats away from controlling Va.

*Schapiro: ‘Crazy Legs’ Allen zigs, zags on endorsements

*Va. political operative battles for underground Dulles rail station

UPDATE: Here’s 2010 Democratic candidate for Congress (1st CD) Krystal Ball speaking at Netroots Nation on a panel entitled, “To Post or Not to Post? How to React when Your Personal Life Goes Public.” According to Ball (about 20 minutes into the video), when she found out the infamous “racy” photos of her, taken back when she was in college, had been posted on the blogs, she found it “very embarrassing…devastating…I didn’t know how to deal with it…so broken up I could barely keep it together.” The discussion then proceeded into how to respond to sexist attacks: 1) realize you did nothing wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of; 2) you have to come out and go on camera and call this what it is – a sexist attack. Of course, her campaign staff almost unanimously decided she should say nothing about it, but she strongly disagreed and it was very “divisive” within the campaign (the communications director refused to put his name on any press releases the rest of the campaign). The “happy ending to the story?” “As painful as it was…it gave me an opportunity and a platform to speak out on an issue that I thought was really important.” Also, the response was overwhelmingly (80%) positive or neutral, according to a poll her campaign took after the event. Very interesting.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

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