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Kathleen Parker on “The Tea Fragger Party”


First, we had the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee calling the tea partiers “bizarro” for their absurd, extreme demands regarding the debt ceiling. Now, we have the right-of-center columnist Kathleen Parker nailing these people for exactly what they are.

Take names. Remember them. The behavior of certain Republicans who call themselves Tea Party conservatives makes them the most destructive posse of misguided “patriots” we’ve seen in recent memory.

If the nation defaults on its financial obligations, the blame belongs to the Tea Party Republicans who fragged their own leader, John Boehner

So true. However, having pointed the finger at the Tea Party, Parker doesn’t let Republicans off the hook either, mocking them for their “silly”  “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge, and asking, “Didn’t they get enough Scouting?” Apparently not.

Finally, Parker cuts to the chase, which everybody should keep in mind as they watch this fiasco unfold:

The Tea Partyers who wanted to oust Barack Obama have greatly enhanced his chances for reelection by undermining their own leader and damaging the country in the process. The debt ceiling may have been raised and the crisis averted by the time this column appears, but that event should not erase the memory of what transpired. The Tea Party was a movement that changed the conversation in Washington, but it has steeped too long and has become toxic.

It’s time to toss it out.

Actually, this “toxic” movement should have been tossed out at its inception, before the corporate media (and the Koch brothers and other wealthy reactionaries who are funding it and pulling its puppet strings) ever turned it into a phenomenon, for no good reason whatsoever (except for ratings, as people LOVE the “freak show”) in 2009-2010. But, better late than never I suppose. How about we start this November here in Virginia? Then, in November 2012, let’s send every single one of these flat earthers back where they came from, presumably a dark, moldy, decrepit place where reason, learning, knowledge, and enlightenment have never made an appearance, and where lunacy, ignorance, and nastiness – including “fragging” their leaders for not being extremist enough – prevails.

One last question, which I’ve asked before and will ask again: How on earth did a movement like this arise in our great nation, and how did the Party of Lincoln (and Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, etc.) plummet to this bizarre, tear-down-the-temple-if-we-can’t-get-our-way-100%, nihilistic dead end? It’s like the worst of McCarthyism, Know-Nothingism, the John Birch Society, the Larouchies, the “Moral Majority,” and the Dixiecrats (e.g., George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms) all joined together and decided to destroy our country. The big question is, how did they gain enough support to actually take charge of the U.S. House of Representatives? Has a significant percentage of this country gone utterly mad? On days like these, it sure seems that way.


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