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Keith Fimian Gearing Up for 2013 LG Run?


When we last heard from two-time Teapublican’t loser Keith Fimian, he was apologizing for his outrageous comments about how, if Virginia Tech students had only been “packing heat,” the massacre there “would not have happened.” The problem is, in spite of Fimian’s “apology,” there’s no evidence he’s moderated his views on this, or any other, issue. In fact, as Gerry Connolly said at the time, Fimian’s gun remarks were “part of a pattern of extreme views on a whole wide range of issues.” (See here for his views, including abolition of the U.S. Department of Education, “drill baby drill” position on energy, repeal of the Affordable Care Act, opposition to same-sex marriage, anti-choice, possibly for repealing the Seventeenth Amendment, and even a climate science denier (a position which should, on its own, disqualify anyone from public office).

Based on the positions listed above, Fimian would fit in great in the House of Representatives Tea Party caucus, with their flat-earth, ignoramus views on everything from economics to science. However, it now appears that Fimian won’t be attempting another run for Congress in 2012. Instead, the buzz in Fairfax is that Fimian  is currently looking at getting back in the mix of Virginia politics, including a possible run for Virginia Lieutenant Governor in 2013. To this end, and/or to finance far-right candidates in Virginia, Fimian’s treasurer in 2008 and 2010, J. Paul Crosby (see the FEC website) — has filed a Statement of Organization for a PAC (screen shot on the “flip”).

Bottom line: After his loss in 2010, many of us thought Keith Fimian was finished, but now he’s baaaaack. Why should you care? Well, just imagine Virginia headed by Governor Bill Bolling, Lieutenant Governor Keith Fimian, and Attorney General Ken Kookinelli, beginning in January 2014, and you’ll get the idea. Shudddderrrrrr….


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