“Gerorge” Allen Attempts to Buy a Google Ad. Fails!


    So, it seems that George Allen’s campaign tried to buy a Google web ad. That’s fine, lots of campaigns do that, and it could very well be a fine idea. The only problem is, the Allen campaign made a couple of little mistakes: 1) they spelled their candidate’s name wrong in the URL, as “gerorgeallen;” and 2) because of that, the ad directs to a “website is not available” page” (see screenshot), instead of to a fundraising page or whatever.  Unless, of course, the “gerorgeallen” campaign is actually being really clever here, by (wisely) deciding that sending people to a blank page is infinitely better than sending them to a page that attempts to defend “Gerorge”‘s miserable record of non-accomplishment in the “wounded sea slug” (as he calls it) U.S. Senate? LOL


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