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Tea Baggers and the Rule of Law…


The Tea Baggers talk a good game, but reality is often a cruel mate.

The Rule of Law relative to posting campaign signs on the State roads and right of ways is NO.

This nuance is lost on the gaggle of Tea Baggers running for the various primaries in Western Prince William County.

Signs are frequently planted on Rt 15 and at various other locations along the route I travel going to our County Dem HQ.  The offenders…





and others

So the question is “what to do?”

Simple, complain to our most excellent PWC government employees.

PW has a Litter Control office and an easy online form you can fill out and voila, in three days the offending trash is gone.

A note from PW tells me that the offending candidates can’t be fined as it cannot be proved that they planted the signs, but it is their campaigns.

Living in Western PW is a joy.  Seeing the signs everywhere AND knowing the reality for these people is that the LAW does not apply to me is not.

So here is the link to complain and do your citizen duty.


Simply check “illegal Popsicle sign” and fill in the rest.

Actions have consequences…



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