It is time to step up, Mr. Chairman!


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    Today, I am disappointed by our Chairman, Corey Stewart, for his callous, reckless and cold-hearted remarks regarding the citizens of Holly Acres. In January, I announced that I was running for Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors because I believe that our county needs to do better for our people, all of our people.

    In last year’s budget Chairman Stewart led the fight to cut $566,685 from the budget of Social Services. Among the many important and vital services provided by the Department of Social Services is to help our residents in need find a place to live after a tragedy such as the one that Holly Acres has undergone. As Chairman, I will do everything in my power, both personally and politically to protect every resident of Prince William County. When a county resident is the victim of a tragedy no measure is too far, no effort is too great.

    I am angered to learn that Chairman Stewart has set an arbitrary deadline of Friday, September 16th to evict the displaced residents of Holly Acres from shelter provided by the County. It is our responsibility to do all we can to take care of our neighbors in need. Tuesday afternoon Chairman Stewart said that the management of Holly Acres needed to “take better care of (their) residents”. Mr. Chairman, now is not the time for posturing, now is the time to take your own advice. As our leader, as our Chairman, please do the right thing.  I urge you to use all county resources possible to provide extended shelter for the county residents of Holly Acres.

    When I moved to Prince William County 10 years ago I knew I was moving to a great community. I am shocked that in the toughest time of their lives, our county government has turned their backs on residents who need our help the most. The families that have been affected of this tragedy have done nothing wrong. As a doctor, as a Prince William County resident and as an American I am outraged at the recent actions of our County Board.  


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