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Rep. Moran: Republican Budget is “Stunningly Radical…Massive Redistribution of Income” to Rich


My feelings exactly. Thank you to Rep. Jim Moran for articulating this so powerfully and eloquently, and for doing whatever he can to fight this “stunningly radical” Republican budget (and agenda more broadly)!

The Republican Budget introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan is a radical document. At its core is a massive redistribution of income from lower income Americans to the wealthiest members of our society; one that will undermine Medicare, and cripple our infrastructure and social safety net programs that protect Americans facing hard times.  

Make no mistake; this budget resolution would end Medicare as we know it, passing rising health care costs along to states and senior citizens.

Further, the Ryan Budget devastates the federal government’s ability to invest in our nation’s future. Under the Ryan Budget, by 2050 most of the federal government, with the exception of defense, Social Security and health care, would no longer have the money to function.

More than 60 percent of the cuts in this Republican budget come directly from programs for lower income Americans, like SNAP, Pell Grants and Medicaid. Taking from the least of us to fund massive, unnecessary and unsustainable tax cuts for the rich is not a fair or reasonable solution to our fiscal problems.

The Ryan proposal is not a budget for the America that we grew up in and the nation we know today. This is a budget for Grover Norquist’s America, a radical conservative fantasyland where government will not, and cannot, play a role in assisting those who need it and investing in our future to create jobs and grow our economy.


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