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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, March 30.

*If Obamacare is overturned, will that lead to single payer? And would that be a good thing? (Expand Medicare to everyone? That may be the answer if the right wingers’ brilliant “individual mandate” idea is repealed by – IRONY ALERT – their fellow right wingers on the Supreme Court, legislating from the bench big time!)

*Webb votes against stripping tax subsidies from oil companies (Webb’s never been good on energy issues, but this marks a Ben Nelson/Mary Landrieu-level low for him. Ugh.)

*WEBB: I VOTED FOR BIG OIL TAX BREAKS BECAUSE I DISLIKE RENEWABLE TAX CREDITS (Wow, I am so done with Jim Webb. This is just stunningly stupid.)

*Kaine, 4 Republicans File U.S. Senate Petitions

*Virginia state Sen. Petersen will run for governor, adviser says

*Maryland, Virginia revisit talks on possible new Potomac River crossing, officials say

*14 Alexandria Democrats to run for City Council

*McCormick fails to make GOP Senate primary ballot; four others submit signatures

*Delegate urges McDonnell to veto pension bill members didn’t have time to read before passing

*Winners and Losers From Health Care Debate

*Cuccinelli for president in 2016?

*Groups resist state retirement system changes

*Lockheed Martin to lay off more than 150 in region next month

*Editorial: Debate deserves a packed house (“Any Republican who meets the state’s tough ballot rules should be treated as a serious, not a peripheral, candidate.”)

*Early spring means early misery for seasonal allergy sufferers


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