Bob Spelled Backwards is Bob



    You asked, so:

    Bob IS embarrassing! Has been since his start with those Civil War gaffes (if gaffes they were–consider his edy’cation….)

    I hope the President, during the debates, knows how to upturn the rock they hide under. If not him, then Lehrer. Somebody has GOT to answer the question, and it shouldn’t have to be major surgery to get it. But it’s always the same thing–“That’s laughable, Andrea/Chris/whomever. The President doesn’t….”

    Honest to God, of all of them, Dem and Repub alike–Bob is the dimmest bulb of all dim bulbs–worse even than Louie Gomert! Worse than  Virginia Fox!!  I still can’t figure how he got elected. There’s too many intelligent people in this state to have let it happen.

    You do great work–thank you for it!

    Daily reader,



    and may Flaccovento (9th) beat that other dim bulb, Griffith. Can’t believe he of all stupes beat Boucher. Take a look at Griffith’s Wikipedia photo (  and ask why I’m doubly embarrassed these days!)


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