Medicaid Petition: I’m just 1 of 400,000


    I was just 7 years old when I was rushed to the emergency room in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t breathe, inhaling hurt and I felt like I was drowning in water.

    The doctors told me I had asthma. I was too young to understand what hospital bills were, but my mom understood. She was relieved because I had Medicaid. Medicaid helped pay for my inhalers, nebulizers and all sorts of medicines I needed to stay healthy.

    Asthma will always be with me. Medicaid won’t.

    Gov. McDonnell is threatening to veto the budget bill on his desk, which would effectively kill the Medicaid expansion. Tell him not to do it!

    Now that I’m 19 years old I am no longer eligible for Medicaid and I cannot afford private health insurance. I’m taking pre-med classes so that I can one day become a pediatrician. I also work part-time. There’s no way I can afford health insurance right now.

    I’m afraid of getting sick because if I have to go to the doctor then I’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. My mom’s been dealing with this for years, skipping doctor’s visits when she gets sick. It’s a sacrifice she makes to continue to provide for her family.

    I never realized how important healthcare was until I got sick a few weeks ago. I didn’t tell my mom because she would have insisted on taking me to the doctor. We can’t afford the care so I sucked it up.

    I’m just one of 400,000 Virginians who would qualify for Medicaid under a proposed expansion.

    Urge Gov. McDonnell not to stand in the way of expanding Medicaid to the 400,000 Virginians like me who need access to quality healthcare! Sign our petition.

    To think there are hundreds of thousands of other Virginians in this situation makes me sad.

    No one should have to live like this.

    Brian Henriquez

    We’ve got to crank up the heat on Governor Bob McDonnell to do the right thing for people like Brian Henriquez.

    Virginia has a chance to expand Medicaid to cover Brian, and 400,000 other Virginians at no additional cost to the state, but Gov. McDonnell says that unlikely to happen anytime soon.

    We have to show him there’s popular support for the Medicaid expansion.

    Gov. McDonnell sent a letter to a key member of President Obama’s cabinet reiterating that Virginia will not operate a state-based health insurance exchange. More importantly, he said “the decision currently rests with me on whether or not to expand [Medicaid], I am not going to do so given the vast reform required to make our program cost effective.”

    Those reforms include limiting access to services like physical therapy and home care, implementing a new eligibility system and assurances that an expansion in Virginia won’t contribute to any future increases in the national debt.

    We’re shaking our heads in disbelief. We’re also hoping Gov. McDonnell will listen to us.

    That’s why your signature matters. He needs to know that Virginians support healthcare for all of us.

    Sign our petition today:

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