Virginia Democrats to Cuccinelli: Don’t Torpedo Transportation Package


    RICHMOND – Today, Democrats from across the Commonwealth released statements calling on Ken Cuccinelli to quit his extreme ideological crusade and put a stop to his unrelenting tirade on the historic bipartisan transportation package:

    “Once again, Attorney General Cuccinelli is putting his hyper-partisan agenda ahead of the best interests of Virginians,” said Democratic Senate Chair, Senator Donald McEachin. “Mr. Cuccinelli has repeatedly stated his ideological opposition to the historic transportation bill.

    “Although I disagreed with some aspects of the final transportation plan, I am proud we were able to come together in a bipartisan way to address the serious transportation crisis. By repeatedly stating his opposition to the transportation plan, Attorney General Cuccinelli has put himself on the wrong side of Virginia ‘s future, commuters, business, and history.

    “It’s disgraceful that Virginia’s part-time, politicking Attorney General is using his office to derail the long-term, sustainable transportation solution Virginians have been needing for  over two decades.

    “The Attorney General’s comments are dangerous. If Attorney General Cuccinelli’s ideological agenda triumphs over much-needed funding for Virginia’s crumbling infrastructure, Virginians could be forced o wait another two decades another two decades before we are so close to a transportation solution again.”

    “Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s latest effort to derail a bipartisan transportation package over 20 years in the making is another example of him putting his ideological agenda above what’s best for Virginians.” said Democratic House Caucus Leader, Delegate David Toscano. “Cuccinelli would rather expose Virginians to additional years of potholes, traffic gridlock, and a lesser quality of life, than support a bipartisan package that will help our citizens and enhance our economic competitiveness.”

    Democratic House Caucus Chair, Delegate Mark Sickles added, “This transportation compromise awaiting the Governor’s signature provides badly needed resources to improve the mobility of all Virginians by giving the two most congested corners of the Commonwealth a means to begin unclogging our roads and filling new rail cars.  As we improve our quality of life, 35,000 to 40,000 jobs will be created and retained.  It is beyond irresponsible that Ken Cuchinelli is trying to unwind this delicate compromise–his actions disqualify him for Governor as we strive to regain our status as the best state to do business.”

    “Ken Cuccinelli is at it again, he’s using his office of Attorney General, meant to protect Virginians,  to derail the important bipartisan compromise reached on transportation funding,” stated Senator Louise Lucas. “This package is an important step in growing Virginia’s economy and improving quality of life by modernizing our infrastructure in Hampton Roads and across the Commonwealth. Cuccinelli threat to this compromise is nothing more than another extreme attempt to put his tea-party ideology above Virginian’s progress.”

    Senator Barbara Favola concluded, “Transportation has been a growing issue in the Commonwealth for decades and a few weeks ago we finally reached a bipartisan compromise to invest in our transportation system; meaning better roads, better transit, more funding for local projects and a better quality of life for Virginians. Now, Ken Cuccinelli is using his office as Attorney General to try and derail the entire plan, this is not only irresponsible but could mean our transportation problems will go unresolved even longer.  We deserve an Attorney General who puts the needs of the Commonwealth ahead of the Tea Party.”



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