DPVA Statement on 6th Anniversary of Virginia Tech Shootings


    Richmond, VA – Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Delegate Charniele Herring released the following statement on the 6th Anniversary of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech:

    “April 16th will always be a day to remember and honor those we lost and consider what steps we can take to prevent horrible tragedies like this from happening again.  It is also a day to reflect on the strength of the people of this Commonwealth and our capability to come together and offer support and generosity in the face of an unthinkable tragedy.  

    “As we remember and honor those we lost at Virginia Tech six years ago, we also keep all involved in the tragic events in Boston yesterday in our thoughts and prayers.  In the wake of these horrific events, we can take comfort in the heroism seen by those who were quick to help save lives and the tremendous outpouring of support from people across the country.”