Immigration March in Herndon


    America is my home.

    My family sold everything we owned in our native Peru to come here. My husband worked three jobs when he first arrived so that he could pay for our son and I to come as quickly as possible.

    Our joy was short-lived after we learned the labor certification he used to apply for a green card was fraudulent. We had been scammed. We’ve spent all of our savings going to court only to be told there is no law that protects us.

    We’re now living in fear of being found, searched and deported.

    The worst part is the effect this has on my oldest son. He’s an Honors student at his high school, but he can’t continue his education without scholarships. My son can’t even drive to work.

    I have seen the smile on his face disappear as he watched his friends learned to drive and got their first jobs. He can’t enjoy the simple things that teens do. There is no greater pain than seeing your child suffer from depression.

    My younger son, who was born here, is frustrated too. He doesn’t understand why his brother’s accomplishments don’t matter.

    Congressman Frank Wolf is one of a handful of legislators who have a key voice in the fight for immigration reform. I want him to understand how hard this is for families like mine.

    March with us May 1st in Herndon to fight for a pathway to citizenship. We’re meeting at Rachel Carson Middle School on 13618 Mclearen Road in Herndon at 5:30p.

    My heart can’t endure any more pain or humiliation. Enough is enough.

    –Sandra Garay