Why Did Cuccinelli Purchase Company’s Stock After They Sued the Commonwealth?


     Richmond, VA — On Sunday The Washington Post reported on the latest revelation involving Ken Cuccinelli’s conflict of interest with tobacco and drug company Star Scientific. As the Post reported, Cuccinelli failed to disclose his stock holdings in the company (from whose CEO he also received $13,000 in gifts) and refused to recuse himself after they sued Virginia over unpaid taxes.

    As Cuccinelli tried to explain that failure to Virginians, he also neglected to explain why he purchased a considerable portion of the Star Scientific stock AFTER the company had entered into a legal dispute with his office. The Post reports that Star Scientific filed suit in July of 2011, and Cuccinelli purchased about $10,000 of the company’s stock in September of 2011.

    “When the only company in which Ken Cuccinelli held stock sued Virginians over unpaid taxes, his answer was not to recuse himself and his office from the case — it was to buy more stock in that very company” said DPVA Spokesman Brian Coy. “How can Virginians trust him to fight for their best interests as Governor when they can’t even trust him not to double down on his conflict of interest in companies that sue the Commonwealth to avoid paying taxes?”