Arlington Va judges: bribes and favoritism?


    “Moses was taken from his family after suffering an asthma attack…promptly given up for adoption” bypassing rights of other family members to take the child. Baby “Sabrina was given away to a politically connected couple in Arlington Virginia” after loosing a few ounces after birth due to doctor prescription of insufficient amount of formula, she regained it a few days later when the doctor corrected the amount, but was stolen from her family anyway. Again, grandparents requests to take the baby were ignored. The family spend over $350,000 in legal fees unable to return her, even after the court acknowledged the child was removed improperly. Arianna Lelani was given to a wealthy father, she was removed outside of jurisdiction, only the father’s attorney reside in Arlington, and no other party. Judge Esther Wiggins never questioned why a 4 yrs old was sleeping in father’s bed, and how she contracted mouth and genital herpes. Here is a petition listing many more cases of horror, pain, and suffering from the judicial abuse taking place right now, 15 minutes away from the White House: Remove Judge Esther Wiggins from 17th Judicial District Court in Virginia…


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