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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, October 30. Also see the video of Mark Herring on the Rachel Maddow Show last night talking about – as Maddow put it – “his race against anti-abortion extremist Mark Obenshain for attorney general of Virginia.”

*Coverage under health-care law may change – for the better

*Kaine, Warner hope state’s lessons will lead to U.S. budget compromise

*Schapiro: This year, it could be 1981 again (Let’s not assume that; according to a new Quinnipiac Poll, McAuliffe’s up by only 4 points, 45%-41%. That contradicts the Post poll, which showed an 12-point lead for T-Mac, so who knows, and let’s not take ANYTHING for granted!)

*McAuliffe. with Clinton, criticizes Cuccinelli on domestic abuse (“Terry McAuliffe criticized rival Ken Cuccinelli for not backing the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act during a campaign stop Tuesday with former President Bill Clinton.”)

*White House puts on a full-court press for McAuliffe

*Virginia election: Focus now is get out the vote

*Michelle Obama urges voter turnout in pro-McAuliffe radio ad

*Cuccinelli: The first shutdown casualty (Jennifer Rubin: “The problem is not Cuccinelli personally or his campaign more generally; it is that he embodies the traits non-conservatives and some conservatives dislike about the GOP these days.”)

*Ken Cuccinelli Making Bad Candidate History in Virginia (“A week before the election Terry McAuliffe is on the verge of becoming the governor of Virginia. Jamelle Bouie says Ken Cuccinelli is one of the worst gubernatorial candidates in recent Republican history.”)

*New Jersey vs. Virginia

*Ken Cuccinelli, Republicans dominate D.C. coal rally (Why isn’t Cuccinelli spending his time rallying for CLEAN energy?!? Oh yeah, because he receives millions from fossil fuel interests.)

*Opposition to the tea party movement reaches new high in Virginia

*Assistant attorney general to lose job over energy royalties case (Cuccinelli should have fired her, not to mention resigned himself, a long time ago!)

*PAC pours cash into Obenshain TV, radio ads (“The political action committee CommonSense Virginia has scaled back ads for Cuccinelli.”)

*Michael Bloomberg hits Virginia attorney general candidate

*The three strikes against Ken Cuccinelli

*Young voters may be turning Virginia blue

*For lieutenant governor: Northam (“Ralph Northam’s priorities are logic-based and focused on the advancement  of the commonwealth.”)

*Virginia is GOP wake-up call (“Republicans can thank their tea party constituents in the House of Representatives and the singular Ted Cruz in the Senate”)

*For Ken Cuccinelli, Bobby Jindal blasts President Obama (Cuccinelli continues his strategy of focusing 100% on firing up his Tea Party base. Have you reminded 10 Democrats you know about voting next Tuesday?)

*McAuliffe fashioned himself a master salesman – but then, he went to Cuba

*Elect Cuccinelli to avoid higher taxes, Obamacare, ad claims (What Cuccinelli would do is decimate education, transportation, and pretty much everything else in order to give huge, unpaid-for tax breaks to rich people and corporations.)

*A threat to the wetlands could be a threat to the new U.S. 460 (“The highway could destroy 480 acres of wetlands – more than three times an earlier estimate. A ruling by the Army Corps of Engineers on a permit isn’t expected until spring.”)

*Fairfax schools, and the county, face tough budget choices

*Comstock-Murphy debate enlivens Va. House candidates’ forum in McLean

*D.C. area forecast: Shower chances before and after a mild and mostly dry Halloween


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