Senate Moves Ahead with ENDA; Cuccinelli’s Rabidly Homophobic Ping Pong Partner Does His Thing


    That’s right, the U.S. Senate a little while ago moved ahead with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill that “would make it illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.” Heck, it even got seven Republicans to vote for it. The times they are a changin’ – for the better, it would appear, when it comes to LGBT equality and protection against discrimination in America.

    But not so much (actually, not at all!) with rabid homophobe Ken Cuccinelli or his “ping-pong partner” (and Loudoun County Board member) Eugene Delgaudio – yeah, this guy – the head of the viciously anti-LGBT “Public Advocate” hate group. Believe it or not, just as the Senate moves forward with extending protections against anti-LGBT discrimination, Cuccinelli’s pal Delgaudio has put up an ad claiming that Terry McAuliffe is “in bed” (hahaha, get it?) with the “homosexual lobby” (last I checked, that involved American citizens fighting for EQUAL protection under our law and our constitution).

    Unfortunately, none of this is surprising coming from these people. Still, it reminds us all what we’re dealing with when it comes to Cuccinelli (who has said that homosexuality brings “nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul”), Jackson (who has railed against homosexuality in the most vile ways for years, such as stating that their “minds are perverted, they’re frankly very sick people psychologically”), Obenshain (who walked out of the State Senate rather than vote on an openly gay judge’s confirmation), Delgaudio, and this entire lot of (unhealthily) sex-obsessed freakazoids. It also should give us all a little bit of additional motivation to get out to the polls tomorrow IN DROVES and vote against these bigots.


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