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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, November 30. Also, if you’re really bored and want to check out your knowledge of geography, click on the map and take the quiz. I screwed up and only got 138 out of 141 points. Damn you Andorra and Montenegro! LOL

*Administration confident on deadline for HealthCare.gov (“Officials are preparing to say Sunday that they have met their deadline for improving the Web site, in part by expanding its capacity so that it can handle 50,000 users at once.”)

*The right’s D-Day delusion: What to really expect with Obamacare’s Nov. 30 relaunch

*Senators blast Wal-Mart “trampling” workers’ rights as dozens of activists are arrested on Black Friday

*Obama: ‘Sasha Will Have A Big Say In Where We Are’ After Leaving The White House

*Conservatives Outraged by Kinky Boots Performance in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (There’s seriously something wrong with these people – “conservatives,” I mean.)

*Virginia’s full prisons (“Virginia’s crime rate has steadily declined in the past 20 years. It’s about half the national rate. But the commonwealth has the eighth-highest incarceration rate in the country, and increasingly, drugs are the reason so many people are behind bars. In the past decade, the commonwealth has seen a 51 percent increase in arrests on drug charges, mostly marijuana.” That’s nuts.)

*Timing of special elections key to control of Va. Senate (“It could determine which party controls the Virginia Senate”)

*Dumb and Dumber run for Virginia’s 33rd Senate District Republican Primary (True, but Democrats need to make sure they turn out to vote if we want to beat these bozos.)

*Virginia resists the siren call of casinos as gambling halls proliferate across the country

*PolitiFact: Cuccinelli mischaracterizes Warner’s ACA vote (PolitiFact is a complete joke, but occasionally they get something right.)

*Capital Beltway shoulder project sparks debate among Virginia neighbors

*Wal-Mart protesters outside of Fairfax, Virginia, arrested on Black Friday

*November ends with a chill (“After more than a week of cold temperatures, things should be getting closer to normal.”)


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