“We’re Rural, Not Stupid” Part 4


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     This is the fourth letter in our series, “We’re Rural, Not Stupid.” Dominion held its first open house for residents last night in neighboring Augusta County, VA.  One attendee said, “At yet another table someone was asking about gas export. We pressed the brown shirt [the Dominion representative] who finally said Dominion just builds the pipeline.” Tonight it’s Nelson’s turn to listen to the “experts” tell us how wrong we are.

    Cheryl Borgman is a life-long Democrat who stands strongly against Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  She has worked with Nelson Democrats consistently in the past in campaigns for local, state and federal candidates.  Cheryl has  canvassed, phone banked and done a lot of data entry.  She’s one of the folks the local committee can count on…one of the ones with the asterisk by their name, because they always say yes when asked to help.  This year, she feels differently.  She has sent her letter to the local Democratic Committee and to Democratic candidates seeking office in 2014.

    Here’s Cheryl’s letter:

    Stop Trespassing photo StopTrespassing_zps01321422.png

    Dear Democratic Party and candidates,

    I am a resident of Nelson County, VA. Dominion Power is planning to build a pipeline through my neighborhood at the expense of property owner rights, environmental concerns and the general nature of our county. As yet, the route for the pipeline does not cross my property but would go through the area upstream of my water supply.

    In addition to my personal concerns, I am against any pipeline or hydraulic fracturing anywhere. The pipeline and hydraulic fracturing present permanent consequences for the acquisition and transport of a non-renewable, dirty, dangerous, limited and short-term solution to our energy needs.

    I would like a response on this topic before I commit my support (money, time and vote) to any candidates running for PUBLIC office.


    Cheryl Borgman

    Afton, VA


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