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Bill “ALEC” Howell Signs ALEC Letter to Google Blaming Climate Activists for ALEC’s Own Craziness


From House Minority Leader David Toscano:

Dear Friend,

Last year, under pressure from tens of thousands of their users, Google decided to drop their support of the extreme right-wing organization ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).  The reasoning was based on ALEC's denial that climate change exists – Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said:  “Everyone understands climate change is occurring and the people who oppose it are really hurting our children and our grandchildren and making the world a much worse place.  And so we should not be aligned with such people — they’re just, they’re just literally lying.” (1)

Of course, you and I know that ALEC has been “literally lying” about a lot more then climate change!  In response to Google's decision, 234 right-wing Republican legislators signed a letter to Google attempting to shift blame to climate activists.  If you read the letter, you'll notice that 7th on the list of 234 names is none other then our Speaker, Bill Howell. (2)  And ALEC constantly uses the Virginia House of Delegates as testing ground for the next round of conservative initiatives.  We must stop this.

I need your help to make sure we make significant gains this November.  We have a crucial reporting deadline Tuesdaynight at midnight.  Can you please make whatever contribution you can today to help us fight back against Speaker Howell and the right-wing Republican caucus this year.  Your contribution, be it $10, $100 or $1,000, is going to go straight to beating Republicans this November, and I think we can all agree, that's a good deal.

Lets win!

Delegate David Toscano
House Democratic Leader


1: http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/09/22/3570463/google-says-alec-lies-about-climate-change/

2: http://www.alec.org/google-letter/ 


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