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Video: Sen. Kaine Argues “TrumpCare” Just One Big Tax Cut for Rich Americans


Key points by Sen. Kaine include: 1) “TrumpCare” doesn’t fix health care, but is just one big tax cut for the wealthiest Americans; 2) the House Republican plan to “replace” the ACA will reduce the number of Americans with insurance, raise health care costs (particularly on seniors) and dismantle the Medicaid program; 3) it would violate promises made by Trump and other Republicans; 4) stakeholders across the spectrum have come out against the Republican plan; 5) the plan hasn’t even been scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which leaves Congress and the American people “completely in the dark”; 6) Republican governors’ ideas haven’t been incorporated; 7) this bill repeals funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides healthcare services to millions of women; etc. In sum, this bill is a steaming pile of horse manure and absolutely should not become law. Any further questions? 😉


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