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Video: Virginia’s Disgrace, Rep. Morgan Griffith, Makes Fool of Himself on National TV


Here are just a few of the stupid/false things Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09) said a few minutes on national TV this morning: 1) using “dynamic scoring” to brush aside the massive, multi-trillion-dollar increase to the national debt if Ryan’s/Trump’s tax cuts are actually put into place (as soon as anyone says “dynamic scoring,” you know never to take them seriously ever again); 2) claiming the GOP tax cuts would cause U.S. companies to come back to the United States, even though “there’s nothing in this policy that would spark any of those companies to do that”; 3) claiming with no evidence that companies will take the windfall they get from the GOP tax cuts and reinvest that money in new factories and new jobs in America (nothing would stop them from doing that right now); 4) basically arguing that we should slash our environmental and worker protections (Griffith calls them “regulations,” but of course they’re really protections) to help us compete with low-wage countries like Vietnam; 5) lying through his teeth by denying that these tax cuts would disproportionately help the wealthiest Americans (e.g., by getting rid of the AMT and estate tax) and not admitting that Trump is lying about the GOP tax plan; and 6) wildly lying about the estate tax (which, good right wingnut that he is, he calls the “death tax), which of course only impacts the richest of the rich American families.

Of course, Griffith’s the same lunatic who once embarrassed himself in Congress talking about the Vikings, Mars and “global cooling.” Is Griffith simply a corporate tool? Is he really, really stupid? Is he bonkers? All of the above? Your call. Just get him the hell outta there in 2018, puh-leeze!


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