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Action Alert: Expand Medicaid for Virginia; 400k Virginians Can’t Wait!


Great stuff by United for Women of Virginia; thought I’d pass it along!

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United for Women of Virginia 

Virginia families can’t wait. It’s time to expand Medicaid.

We’ve created easy one click tweets for you to send today. It takes just a few moments and you’ll help us send a message to ALL of the members of the VA Senate. The time is now. 400k Virginians can’t wait.

ACTION: CLICK each of the 4 links below to contact every senator. Just 4 clicks!!

Our “One-Click” tweets will launch a window so that you can quickly tweet from your account. (You will have to login to your account if you are not already.)

TWEET 1 of 4:

TWEET 2 of 4:

TWEET 3 of 4:

TWEET 4 of 4:

That’s it! You’re awesome. Thanks for helping. Will you also please share this post with your friends and groups so they can help too?

We made the one-click post for your convenience. If you’d rather do it the old fashioned way you can also copy and paste the tweets below directly into twitter. Graphics are included, so be sure to grab the entire tweet.

.@VASenateGOP Do what’s right. Support #MedicaidExpansion NOW! We can’t wait. pic.twitter.com/AVcfslT46F @SenRichardBlack @billcarrico @a_chase11 @BillDeSteph @Dunnavant4VA @Emmett_Hanger @ryanmcdougle @senatornewman @TommyNorment @MarkObenshain @ReevesVA @GovernorVA #VAGov

.@VASenateGOP Do what’s right. Support #MedicaidExpansion NOW! We can’t wait. pic.twitter.com/AVcfslT46F @BillStanley @GlenSturtevant @RichardStuartVA @JillHVogel @vafrankwagner @DRSuetterlein @JohnCosgroveVA @Chafin4Senate @GovernorVA #VAGov

.@VASenateGOP Do what’s right. Support #MedicaidExpansion NOW! We can’t wait. pic.twitter.com/f2DAigi8Fn @SenRichardBlack @billcarrico @a_chase11 @BillDeSteph @Dunnavant4VA @Emmett_Hanger @ryanmcdougle @senatornewman @TommyNorment @MarkObenshain @ReevesVA @GovernorVA #VAGov

.@VASenateGOP Do what’s right. Support #MedicaidExpansion NOW! We can’t wait. pic.twitter.com/f2DAigi8Fn @BillStanley @GlenSturtevant @RichardStuartVA @JillHVogel @vafrankwagner @DRSuetterlein @JohnCosgroveVA @Chafin4Senate @GovernorVA #VAGov


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