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Friday News: Russia-U.S. Relations Go from Bad to Worse; Veterans Affairs “in Turmoil”; Pipelines “All risks and no benefits for Virginians”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, March 30.

  • Quizzical

    The proposed budget for the VA for 2019 is 198 Billion.
    That’s a 12 Billion increase, over the 186 Billion for this year.

  • Reminder of which Virginia political party is a YUGE fan of Laura Ingraham


  • And yet another VA GOP fan of Laura Ingraham


  • Roger Miller

    Regarding the primary filing deadline, will more congressional Republicans develop a spine once the deadline passes in their respective states? Republicans in red states have no fear of a contested general, only a challenge from the Freedom Caucus in their primary. Could actual conservatives start sounding more Flake-like in the coming months?

  • First Bert Mizusawa didn’t make the VA GOP U.S. Senate ballot, now Ivan Raiklin (see statement below, from his Facebook page). Sad!!! LOL Seriously, though, now we have three different flavors of extremist nutjobs (neo-Confederate Corey Stewart, bigoted theocrat Ewwww Jackson and Paulbot Nick Freitas) on the VA GOP ballot for the nomination to get crushed by Sen. Tim Kaine this November. 😉

    Ivan Raiklin for US Senate
    6 mins ·
    On Wednesday team Raiklin came in to do a ballot access Pre Check to ensure we had the minimum 10k signatures statewide and 400 per congressional district to leave one day available to address any district issues should they arise.

    A few hours into the pre check things were going smoothly and the Executive Director walked in and explained he did not like how the process was going and asked us to come back Thursday, the last day to file our candidacy. These are the numbers with percent overage we submitted Thursday morning that were double checked internally.

    Numbers on right are what RPV counted.

    We continued with the pre check and passed each congressional district and coincidentally, the last district that was checked was the 9th Congressional District and it did not pass the sample size assessment of qualified voters which triggered a signature by signature count. This resulted in more than 230 signatures being disqualified and this disqualification from the 9th Congressional district.

    Considering we were averaging collecting 742 signatures collected a day over the last few days, had the precheck been completed on Wednesday night, we could have easily recovered another 250 signatures with notarization in time for our filing with the Department of Elections.

    Unfortunately, the campaign was under a time crunch because we started collecting signatures in earnest the first week of February because of my father’s passing on January 2 and mother being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer over the holidays having an immense impact on the campaign during January.

    While we had clearly enough signatures, I am still puzzled as to why the pre-check didn’t take place on Wednesday, as it was scheduled with the RPV Political Director.

    I wish everyone a Happy Easter with family this weekend and I will provide a more detailed statement next week.

    May God bless the other candidates, Virginia, and the best country on earth!