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POLL: What Should Happen to Facebook?


Before answering this poll, here are a few articles you might want to check out: The case against Facebook: It’s not just about privacy; its core function makes people lonely and sad., Facebook Doesn’t Get It, Is Facebook Going to Take Silicon Valley Down With It?, Exploiting Facebook data to influence voters? That’s a feature, not a bug, of the social network. Yeah, you can tell where I’m coming from on this one! LOL

  • Southern Liberal

    I use it to keep up with family and friends. Because of that, I vote for fixing the features but don’t get rid of it.

  • frankoanderson

    Facebook is complicit. They handed the data over to Cambridge Analytica. Once you do that, there’s no accountability as to what’s done with it. Also, facebook installed staff to work inside the Trump campaign offices — working on the same data on millions of voters.