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Video: Jason Kander, Del. Sam Rasoul Speak to Packed House in Arlington


As the Arlington County Democratic Committee described yesterday’s event in Arlington with young progressive leaders Virginia Del. Sam Rasoul and former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (see video below), “Together Virginia PAC at Lyon Park with Jason Kander, helping candidates all across Virginia and fighting for non-partisan redistricting!” Del. Mark Keam adds, “Great conversation about future direction of our nation between 2 amazing young progressive leaders @JasonKander @Sam_Rasoul.” And as Jason Kander writes, “Together VA PAC is an inspiring project started by regular people post-2016. Was great to join them alongside in Arlington this afternoon.” For those of you not familiar with Jason Kander, among other things he is: “President of . First millennial elected to statewide office.  host. Ex-Army Captain. Afghan vet.” Kander is well known for this ad supporting background checks and putting a gun together while blindfolded. I encourage you to follow him on Twitter!

P.S. Interesting discussion about “identity politics,” among other topics covered. I strongly agree with Kander, by the way, on the importance of explaining your reasoning, how you got to the positions you hold, when talking to voters, and not just say “this is my position, end of story.” For me, I want to know how a candidate or elected official’s mind works at least as much as their positions on specific issues. I also strongly agree with Kander that voters don’t go down some sort of checklist of issues and decide who to vote for; they look at people as a whole, try to decide if they like/trust that person, and also don’t like to feel as if the person is saying different things to different groups of people.


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