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Leading Author & Critic of “The Virginia Way” Joins Campaign in Virginia’s Sixth, Endorses Jennifer Lewis for Congress


By Josh Stanfield, Campaign Manager, Jennifer Lewis for Congress

The Jennifer Lewis campaign out here in Virginia’s Sixth is excited to announce that Jeff Thomas will be joining us as Policy Director. Last year, through Activate Virginia, I sent dozens of copies of Jeff’s book to activists and House of Delegate candidates across the Commonwealth.

Jeff’s groundbreaking book describes the damage that bipartisan “Virginia Way” politics wreaks on Virginians’ lives. He was born and raised in Richmond, attended college at the Duke University School of Engineering and graduate school at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs, and remains deeply connected with the Roanoke Valley.

Jeff also joins Yasmine Taeb (VA DNC Member), Brent Finnegan (2017 Candidate, HoD District 26), Michele Edwards (2017 Candidate, HoD District 20), Kellen Squire (2017 Candidate, HoD District 58), and Staunton City Councilman Erik Curren in endorsing Jennifer so far.

Full endorsement:

“Jennifer Lewis has tremendous personal integrity, a wealth of experience, and the right moral values to fight for all Virginians and stop Dominion from taking what rightfully belongs to you. Her dedication to providing health care to American veterans stands in sharp contrast to others’ efforts to take it away, and speaks to Jennifer’s moral compass and vision.

The long arc of Virginia’s history shows that the dreams and desires of normal Virginians – from the poorest through the middle and even the upper class – have always been controlled by a tiny, corrupt elite. Now is the first time since Reconstruction when we have a chance to elect one of us to actually represent ordinary people’s interests in the halls of power. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Vote for Jennifer Lewis for Congress and send someone to Washington who actually gives a damn about helping people.”

Read more about Jeff and his book in this Washington Post piece.

Contact our campaign if you’re interested in a copy of his book – or order here. All of his book’s royalties are being dedicated to Richmond public schools.

You can follow our campaign in Virginia’s Sixth District – the only open seat for Congress in Virginia – on the web, on Facebook, and on Twitter. And… I’m kinda obligated to mention… we appreciate any and all contributions, which you can make here.