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Video: Far-Right Virginia Republican Rants About Long-Acting Contraceptives “Rendering” Women Infertile, Targeting “the Wrong KIND of Children”


Check out the following video, in which an old, clueless, creepy, theocratic, male, far-right Virginia Republican – one who, by the way, is obsessed with controlling women’s bodies – rants about the evils of long-acting contraceptives. Also check out how said far-right Virginia Republican is suddenly concerned about the poor, about whom he has never demonstrated any true concern for in his illustrious career. So what are Sen. Dick Black’s concerns about long-acting contraceptives? First, that women are “rendered infertile” for up to ten years, which might mean they might “be ending [their] chances of ever bearing a child.” Second, that our problem is “not too many children” but too FEW children. Third, that helping the poor receive long-acting contraceptives (which, by the way, cuts abortions, which Black fanatically opposes) as part of the Medicaid program “sort of smacks of the idea that we have too many of the wrong KIND of children, because if you think of who is being targeted, it is being targeted at the poor, and that makes me feel uneasy…that we target a segment of the population.”

Of course, all of this is complete bull*** on scientific, factual, policy and moral grounds, but that never stopped this right-wing Virginia Republican from wasting everyone’s time listening to his unhinged tirades. In 2019, let’s make Dick Black a top priority for replacing with a Democrat in the Virginia State Senate. Note that Black’s district was won by Ralph Northam (by 11 points) in 2017 and by Hillary Clinton (by 6 points) in 2016. Let’s make sure this trend continues in 2019!


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