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Wednesday News: “Trump ‘unleashes general rage’ in scrapping Iran deal”; Jimmy Kimmel on Trump “Pulling Out”; “Don Blankenship Goes Down in West Virginia”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, May 9.

  • Elaine Luria keeps racking up endorsements in VA-02…

    Giffords Endorses Elaine Luria for Congress

    VIRGINIA BEACH – Today, Elaine Luria’s campaign for Congress announced the endorsement of Giffords, the gun safety group founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly.

    “For more than two decades, Elaine has dedicated herself to serving our country,” said former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. “Elaine understands that public service means constantly looking for solutions that make our society safer, stronger, and more harmonious. That’s why as she campaigns for Congress, putting an end to our country’s gun violence crisis is one of her top priorities. With mass shootings so common that few even make national headlines, we need leaders like Elaine who know that the time is now to enact strong gun safety laws. We need leaders like Elaine fighting for us in Washington more than ever.”

    “Americans have the right to feel safe in their schools, on their streets, and within our communities.” said Elaine Luria. “In Congress, I will fight for commonsense gun safety measures, like universal background checks, to reduce preventable gun violence and keep our children safe. I’m honored to be working alongside Giffords to achieve the goal of safer communities.”

    Elaine is a retired Navy Commander who served for 20 years in the Navy, as a Surface Warfare Officer. Her campaign raised the most of any Democrat in the state of Virginia for the first quarter of 2018 and has been endorsed by 45 local community leaders throughout Coastal Virginia.

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    Harvard professor discusses climate change and record CO2 levels

  • Dave Arlington

    This NVTA vs Metro thing gets curiouser and curiouser the longer I look at it. First they complain that the funds they would pay to metro would take away funds from roads. Then they complain that the money that they would be paying metro would somehow take away money from metro? But the purpose of NVTA is really to fund roads anyway.

    Then Arlington starts to complain that they won’t be able to build new ENTRANCES to stations with the money from the Authority, which, again, is supposed to fund roads? With the system (often literally) on fire, that’s putting the cart WAY before the horse.

    Then Nohe sort of undercuts himself. Because if the crossing of a street is really what’s going to depress your ridership, your ridership has far more fundamental problems than crosswalks and entrances, WHICH IS WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG.

    But somehow the answer is to raise taxes and just keep throwing more taxpayer dollars at this, all the while acknowledging that Virginia ridership is flagging and never really represented a plurality of the overall ridership anyway?

    NVTA is not coming out of this looking good.

  • From Progress VA:

    Progress Virginia Statement On Radical Attacks On Birth Control Access

    Progress Virginia executive director Anna Scholl released the following statement in response to The Family Foundation’s attacks on birth control access and Planned Parenthood this afternoon.

    “Every Virginian deserves the opportunity to decide whether and when to start a family. The proposed long-acting, reversible contraceptive (LARC) program does just that—ensuring Virginia women have access to the most effective form of birth control to prevent unintended pregnancies. A small handful of radical, anti-women’s health zealots want elected officials to prioritize extreme ideology over science and medicine. The facts are that a similar program in Colorado reduced the rate of unintended pregnancy by 40 percent among teens and 20 percent among young women.

    “It’s disappointing but unsurprising that the same radical, right-wing organization that would fight to block expanding health care to 400,000 Virginians would also try to torpedo expanding access to the most effective form of birth control. Rather than continuing to try to control women’s bodies and where Virginians choose to access medical care, The Family Foundation should try something different and try to support a policy that actually makes life better for Virginia families.”

    Progress Virginia continues to urge the House and Senate to pass the proposed birth control access program as proposed by Governor Northam.

  • From VA-05 Dem nominee Leslie Cockburn:


    RAPPAHANNOCK, VA–Democratic Nominee for Congress in the 5th District, Leslie Cockburn, calls Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran deal “a disaster.” Cockburn said, “it will lead to nuclear weapons proliferation and possibly another war. We have spent nearly six trillion dollars on endless wars since 2001. The human cost is beyond calculation.” She adds, “Tom Garrett supports Trump on this, which shows how little Garrett knows or cares about the Middle East or nuclear security in the region.”

    The International Atomic Energy Agency has certified several times that Iran has fulfilled its obligations. Carmi Gillon, former head of Israel’s General Security Service, wrote in Foreign Policy last July that, “the threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon is more remote than it has been in decades. Thanks to the agreement, Iran’s nuclear program has been defanged and all its pathways to a bomb blocked.” He praised the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for having removed the need to plan for military operations that “might have triggered a major escalation and cost many lives.”

    Cockburn adds, “In an open letter on April 25th, 26 former Israeli military officers and former security agency leaders wrote: ‘We believe it is in Israel’s best interest that the United States maintain the nuclear agreement with Iran. American abandonment of the agreement would undermine not just the deal, but Israel’s security as well.'” Congressman Garrett, she says, “has shown poor judgment in his support for dismantling this critical agreement, not only jeopardizing Israel’s security but driving a wedge between America and our European allies.”

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