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Video: “Emerge VA” Founder Susan Platt Announces New Podcast/Vlog Series Aimed at Helping Democratic Women “FIND YOUR ROAR!”


Great stuff from Susan Platt, founder of The Farm Team and Emerge Virginia, as well as a Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor in 2017:


LEESBURG, VA – Susan S. Platt, candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia in 2017, former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Joe Biden, and the founder of The Farm Team and Emerge VA, two statewide Democratic women’s organizations dedicated to electing more women to elective office, announced today a podcast/vlog series entitled “PLATT-iTUDE – FIND YOUR ROAR!”

“I love travelling Virginia, talking to so many women who have found “their roar” since Election Day in 2016. I have met amazing women doing remarkable things for their families, their businesses, community and the Commonwealth.  After my campaign last year, many people asked me, ‘what’s next.’  I found the answer by continuing to express my roar and help other women find theirs. Now I want to share these experiences through interviews with some of these women, especially those women running for office this year and those helping them,” Platt said.

In 2017, Virginia led the way with more women running for office ever in its history, and many of them wont.  This year, an unprecedented six Democratic women are challenging Republican incumbents for seats in the U.S. House.  And according to CNN Politics, it is possible that these races could determine which holds the majority in January.

“Today I am releasing my introductory vlog explaining what I hope to explore with this series and why,” Platt said.  The first series is comprised of 10 episodes, starting with a conversation with Vangie Williams, the Democratic nominee running against GOP U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District.

Check out the video here – https://youtu.be/L5NJ3M3yr5g .

Do you know of other women in Virginia who have found their roar?  Let me know.

If you would like to underwrite an episode or need more information please contact me at susan@platt-consulting.com or (202) 255-3455


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