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Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA11) Says “Absolutely,” the House Is Moving Closer to Impeachment

Says it's not Mueller's choice whether to come testify, also that "it's not true that the document speaks for itself"


Check out the following video from last night’s PBS NewsHour, in which Rep. Gerry Connolly had some fascinating things to say about the Mueller comments yesterday, impeachment, etc.

For starters, Rep. Connolly said he:

“found it extraordinary that [Mueller] decided to break his silence after two years…what you heard from him I think was pretty consequential…there was plenty of…convincing evidence of Russian interference…but not enough to file criminal conspiracy charges, that’s not the same as saying I found full exoneration…and that’s a HUGE difference between him and the summary provided by the Attorney General, Mr. Barr. Secondly, on obstruction, he all but said President Trump has committed a crime...the fact that we didn’t find a crime doesn’t mean he didn’t commit it, and oh by the way they wouldn’t let us, meaning the Dept. of Justice.”

As for Mueller not wanting to testify before Congress, Connolly said that’s not Mueller’s choice:

You’re a citizen of the United States, and when Congress subpoenas you to come and testify, especially given…you just wrote one of the most consequential documents in recent history with respect to the president, and the potential for impeachable and even criminal behavior, you’ve got to come explain yourself. And it’s not true that the document speaks for itself, there are many unanswered questions or questions that need amplification in terms of answers in that report.”

Connolly has some questions for Robert Mueller:

“…Why didn’t you summon President Trump personally the way President Clinton was summoned by Ken Starr? And were you pressured into not doing that? And did the fact that you didn’t…hear from him personally, did that change any opinions in your report, did it water it down, did it mean that you couldn’t take actions you otherwise might have?”

On impeachment, Connolly said:

I think we are being pushed more and more toward that direction; I don’t think we’re quite there yet, I think a few things need to play out.,..Certainly what Mueller said today, in my view, makes it harder to avoid the impeachment question…Absolutely [the center of gravity is shifting in the House]. I think impeachment started out as sort of at the edges for a few individuals who were passionate about it. I think today, the broad middle is evaluating carefully what their duty is and what the political fallout could be.”

Does there have to be an “ironclad” case to proceed with impeachment? Connolly said he doesn’t agree with the word that Speaker Pelosi used – “ironclad”:

I wish life were that simple, I think that’s a standard noone can meet…the question is have we crossed a threshold in terms of impeachable offenses that require Congress constitutionally to undertake an inquiry and possible subsequent action. I don’t think we’re there yet, I think it does need to play out for maybe a few months, but I think we’re getting closer and closer to that point.”


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