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Video: Former Rep. Jim Moran Speaks in Sudan; Alexandria City Council Member Mo Seifeldein, Who Is From Sudan, Says He’s “Extremely Disappointed”


I’m not sure what to make of this exactly (other than it’s super weird), but check it out for yourself. Alexandria City Council member Mo Seifeldein, who is an immigrant from Sudan, issued a statement a little while ago (see below), stating that he is “extremely disappointed by [former Alexandria Mayor and Congressman] Jim Moran’s appearance in Sudan and giving credibility to a war criminal and calling it a privilege to have spoken to [Janjaweed leader Mohamed Hamdan Daglo aka “Hamedti”].

Just for some background, according to this article in Foreign Policy magazine, “The interim vice president, Mohamed Hamdan ‘Hemeti’ Dagolo, was in charge of the brutal janjaweed militias. Now he is calling the shots in Khartoum.” And according to the BBC, Hemeti is “the commander of one of Sudan’s most prominent paramilitary forces…[who] leaves a trail of human rights abuse allegations from Darfur in his wake and has recently been accused of allowing those same forces to kill demonstrators in Khartoum.

With that, here’s former Rep. Jim Moran’s speech in Sudan, in which he says (bolding added by me for emphasis):

I had the privilege…of spending several hours with General Hemedti...and I have had the privilege of meeting with several other leaders, wise people. I was impressed with them all. But most importantly, I was impressed by the fact that they understand that Sudan needs to be one nation. All the Sudanese people need to be able to unite…As they say in America, in unity there is strength…This country needs and deserves security...It also needs and deserves, particularly its children, money put into education, into better health, into better roads and infrastructure…I cannot speak for America. All I can do is to tell those who will listen in America, that Sudan has a bright and glorious and great future ahead of it…It is not up to any other nation to try to intervene to manipulate, to change Sudan…its future will be determined by its people…But other nations need to stand tall alongside Sudan, its people, its leaders. Stand alongside, and arm and arm we need to move forward for a more peaceful Sudan, a more prosperous Sudan, a greater future for Sudan…You are Sudan’s future. Every one of you is valuable, is unique, and has something to contribute to Sudan’s future…Men and women together, wise people and young people, they all need to work together, they are all necessary and needed...The military and the civil society working together for a common purpose…And when people look back at this time in Sudan’s history, they will realize this was the beginning of something great that all Sudanese will be proud of, and all the people around the planet will recognize. You will determine your future, and it will be a great future…Shukran, as salam alaikum.”

Statement from Councilman Seifeldein on Former Congressman and former Alexandria Mayor, Jim Moran, appearance with Janjaweed leader, Hemedti.

Members of the Sudanese community showed me a video from a Sudanese Government controlled TV network that included a speech by Alexandria’s Former Mayor, Jim Moran. The event was organized and attended by the Janjaweed leader, Mohamed Hamadan Daglo aka “Hamedti.”


Hamedti is the man responsible for the Darfur atrocities and crimes against humanity. He ordered his child soldiers to commit the massacre of June 3, 2019, where hundreds of peaceful protestors were killed, beaten, thrown in the Nile with rocks attached to their feet. Countless of women have been rapped and killed. The international community and both the U.S. Senate and House Foreign Relations Committees issued resolution condemning the military council seize of the Sudanese revolution and demanded the transfer of power to a civilian government.

I’m extremely disappointed by Jim Moran’s appearance in Sudan and giving credibility to a war criminal and calling it a privilege to have spoken to Hemedti. This was a staged propaganda tour by the Janjaweed leader, Hamedti, to demonstrate he has American support. There is a communication blackout in Sudan— I.e. such appearances serve the Janjaweed’s purpose of misleading the people.

Mr. Moran is a private citizen. While calling for a solution is a minimum, Mr. Moran didn’t appear to condemn the June 3 massacre on the released video. I don’t know what Mr. Moran’s intentions were, but I know how his visit was used. I expect a seasoned person like Mr. Moran to know better.

There were issues with translation as well. Further, the announcer appear to have suggested that Mr. Moran is a current Senator (the caption on the YouTube video description suggests that Mr. Moran is also the current Mayor of Alexandria). Both are not true. Mr. Moran should clarify his visit to Sudan and his stance on the Sudanese revolution and condemn Hemedti, the military council, and call for the immediate transfer of power to a civilian-led government. This is the position of the U.S. government. I don’t know how much of the speech was edited, if at all.


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