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Roll Call: Denver Riggleman Designated 4th Most Vulnerable Incumbent


From the DCCC:

Roll Call: Denver Riggleman Designated 4th Most Vulnerable Incumbent

Today, Roll Call released their list of the ten most vulnerable incumbent House members, and embattled Congressman Denver Riggleman ranked 4th thanks to a nominating convention that has turned into an all-out war between the sitting congressman and primary challenger Bob Good.

In case you haven’t been following…

Good has received multiple donations from members of the district committee, has two members on his payroll, and claims to have 60% of all delegates for the upcoming nominating convention.

Riggleman has accused Good of threatening to sue the Congressman’s few remaining supporters in the committee, called Good’s campaign “vile and disgusting,” accused Good of voter intimidation, and is pushing for a last-ditch effort to change the convention to a primary, because he knows it’s his only hope of winning.

And we…well we’re just getting out the popcorn as we watch this district party implode.

“Members of the VA-05 GOP Committee have left Congressman Denver Riggleman utterly out to dry as they do everything in their power to remove him as their party nominee. And after facing censureopen revolt and betrayal from members of his own party, and a nominating convention hosted at his primary challenger’s church, it’s no wonder Riggleman is ranked one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the House,” said DCCC Spokesperson Sarah Guggenheimer.




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