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Former Charlottesville City Council Member Wes Bellamy Rips Del. Ibraheem Samirah: “This stunt you pulled is exactly what the oppressor always does”

"A real [ally] would’ve worked with Delegate Jeff Bourne...Jay Jones...Lashrecse Aird...Marcia Price...Lamont Bagby"



Since Delegate Ibraheem Samirah deleted my comment on his page about my disappointment in his actions (well lack there of) in regards to his “NO” vote pertaining to Qualified Immunity, I’ll place it here. Please be sure to read through it all. Also, when I say “Faux Progressives” please understand that this is exactly what I mean. People are with “Us” until it’s time to be with “us” and it’s not about them.

Delegate Ibraheem Samirah:

This is really giving me “I know what’s best for everyone” vibes… what’s even more disappointing is that instead of working with Jeff Bourne, a Black man who’s literally been working around the clock on this, you chose to take some kind of messiah complex approach and “save the day” by out maneuvering “the other side”….

Delegate, explanation is also incredibly flawed. 🗣WE KNOW THAT BILLS ARE NOT FINAL ONCE THEY PASS IN THE HOUSE… If you thought the bill was watered down, then work to make it stronger when it gets to the senate. It’s not final until it passes in both chambers.

I’m disappointed because one of the first things you pointed out during the live was that people were questioning your “blackness” and if you were or aren’t black. As a Black man who’s literally damn near sacrificed his life, his livelihood, had his family attacked, and life at risk over taking bold behind policy positions and speaking out… I am telling you… this stunt you pulled is exactly what the oppressor always does. The oppressor believes they know what’s best of us, use tactics to try and appease us, tell us to trust them because they have a history of speaking up, and more times than not, Black folk are left with the short end of the stick. If you’re Black, on one accord, an ally, or anything else then don’t come on here saying “They already knew other people weren’t going to vote for it, so I did the same thing and I have a way to bring it back.” No. A real one would’ve worked with Delegate Jeff Bourne Bourne, Delegate Jay Jones, Delegate Lashrecse Aird Lashrecse Aird, Delegate Marcia Price Marcia Price, Delegate Lamont Bagby Lamont Bagby and everyone else who voted in favor and pushed to get it through.

You’re telling me that the caucus didn’t have enough votes before it came to the floor? You’re telling me that you knew this, and instead of voting for it (which would have tied it) and being a team player and working to convince one of your colleagues who was in opposition — you decided to vote against and NOW you think that single handedly have the political acumen and skill to convince others to come on board? Bro… if you have that skill set why not use it in the first place to get them on board with the bill?

Drop the messiah complex. You’re bringing up Sheriffs and their offices (Sheriffs are elected), City Council’s and County Board of Supervisors work with their city managers and assist with hiring police chiefs who are responsible for their officers. As a former local elected official who went through the process of hiring two police chiefs hearing you speak during the live really leads me to think that you don’t understand this process in terms of how tax dollars, budgets, and VML insurance works.

Long story short is this… if you’re a brother, be one and support your fellow brothers and sisters who wrote this bill and the people who are most effected by Q.I. Drop the Superman act. You don’t have to be the star, be a team player. Work and get the others on board now and stop playing games. You’re doing the same thing that I expect from “traditional Dems” not the ones who proclaim to understand the struggle of the people on ground hurting right now. I’ll tell you this, I still live in a neighborhood where the average medium income is under $30,000. A community (city/county) where we deal with negative encounters with the Police way more than they should. Ask them if they have time for your political maneuvering the next time the police break someone’s arm, kicks in the door and literally destroys the house and admit that they went to the wrong house, or better yet… tell it to Breonna Taylor’s mom if she has time for your political maneuvering? I was in Louisville with her a couple of weeks ago.

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