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Nick Freitas’ “My Way or the Highway” Attitude Is the Last Thing Our Country Needs Right Now


by Ann Ridgeway

When you run for office, you learn a great deal about your opponent by how they run their campaign.  When I ran for Virginia House of Delegates against Nick Freitas in 2019, I based my campaign on truths. In stark contrast, when Mr. Freitas was given $500,000 by a far-right libertarian from Illinois, he used it to mount a campaign of smears and lies about me, claiming I would, take away people’s guns, raise taxes, support end-term abortions, totally agree with AOC, and always vote with Ralph Northam.

I did not take Freitas’ lies personally because those who know me, know my truth and so does God. I had lifelong Republicans tell me that they were voting for me because they were so appalled at what Freitas was doing. Unfortunately – but not surprisingly – he is now doing the same thing to Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger.

The sad fact is, Freitas does not respect people who do not agree with him, regardless if they are Democrats or Republicans. He has that reputation in the Virginia House of Delegates, and for good reason. Also, it’s undeniable when you see how he worked with his wife in her run against  Senator Emmett Hanger in the 2019 Republican primary (see here for more on that).

Simply put, Nick Freitas does not believe that working together is what the majority of Americans want from their representatives. Instead, Freitas has this “my way or the highway” attitude that created many of the problems we have in our country today. This, despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans want politicians to work together to get things done to move our country forward (e.g., see this poll). Clearly, that is not what Nick Fretias believes.

Fortunately, Congresswoman Spanberger strongly believes in working across party lines and fighting for equal opportunity for all people. For instance, she has been out front fighting for rural areas to obtain broadband access and for our famers.  She supports our public schools, affordable health care and prescription drugs, small businesses, and a healthy life-sustaining environment. And she knows how important it is for all people to obtain living wage jobs.

I’ve personally seen Rep. Spanberger’s dedication as she  has participated in local events, talked with and listened to her constituents, held well-advertised town halls, communicated through news articles, etc. Also importantly, Rep. Spanberger has an office that is open to peoples’ concerns, responds to their questions and any need for assistance.  She definitely deserves your vote in this election!



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