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BREAKING: Virginia HD07 Republicans Nominate Hard-Right Republican Who Was at 1/6/21 Pro-Trump Rally in DC

Marie March says she's a "Trump Republican...and proud of it"


Back in early March, five-term Virginia Del. Nick Rush (R-HD07) announced that he would not be seeking reelection this November, triggering a three-way battle among Republican candidates to succeed him. The candidates are Montgomery County Supervisor Sherri Blevins, business owner/entrepreneur Lowell Bowman and “unashamed Christian, small business owner, proven job creator, rock-solid conservative, and Trump Republican” Marie March.  Today, HD07 Republicans held a “firehouse primary” to select their nominee, and the winner was Marie March…by a big margin, at that, with over 2,500 votes cast.

For more on March, check out her website; see the screenshots; below; and also see:

Unfortunately, as you can see, HD07 is an overwhelmingly “red” district, going for Corey Stewart over Tim Kaine by 20  points in 2018 and for Donald Trump over Joe Biden by around 29 (!) points in 2020. So, clearly this district is a VERY heavy lift for Democrats right now (the two Democrats running to attempt that heavy lift are Derek Kitts and Tara Orlando), and it’s likely that Marie March will be the next HD07 delegate in Richmond. Yet another sign of how The Trumpiest Republicans Are At The State And Local Levels — Not In D.C.; As Trump departs, his extremes live on in state GOPs; Once the party of small government and big business, the GOP has turned upside down; etc. Disturbing.


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