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Graphics: Fundraising Surges in 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Contests Compared to Previous Cycles

The fundraising leader at this point hasn't always gone on to win, of course...but it doesn't hurt!


See below for some helpful graphics by VPAP regarding Virginia gubernatorial candidates’ fundraising totals this cycle and in previous cycles. A few takeaways include:

  • This cycle, we’re over $30 million ($17 million by Republicans, $13 million by Democrats), which is FAR higher than in previous cycles (e.g., about $13 million total at this point in 2017; about $19 million total at this point in 2009; about $11.5 million at this point in 2013).
  • A big chunk of the fundraising this cycle is by three candidates – Glenn Youngkin and Pete Snyder on the Republican side, and Terry McAuliffe on the Democratic side. Note that both Youngkin and Snyder are personally wealthy and are heavily self-funding their campaigns (Snyder and Youngkin each loaned himself over $5 million).
  • The fundraising leader in previous cycles usually went on to win the nomination, but not always…and also didn’t always win the general election. In 2001, for instance, Mark Earley trailed John Hager in $$$ for the VA GOP gubernatorial nomination, but Earley ended up winning (and then losing to Mark Warner, who was by far the fundraising leader, in November). Most strikingly, Democrat Creigh Deeds was last in fundraising at this point in 2009, but went on to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination over the better-funded Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran, before getting crushed in November by fundraising frontrunner, Republican Bob McDonnell. In 2005, Tim Kaine led Republican Jerry Kilgore in fundraising…and beat Kilgore in November.  In 2013, Terry McAulife led Republican Ken Cuccinelli in fundraising…and beat Cuccinelli in November. Finally, in 2017, Republican Ed Gillespie narrowly led Democrat Ralph Northam in fundraising at this point, with Democrat Tom Perriello well behind Northam…with Northam going on to win the primary (in significant part thanks to his money advantage over Perriello), then trouncing Gillespie in November.


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