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Which VA Legislators Introduced the Most, Fewest Bills? Also, With a Week Left in the 2022 VA General Assembly Session, Over 600 Out of 2,800 Introduced Bills Still Need to Be Dealt With

1,200 bills have been killed so far...


See below for some interesting graphics, courtesy of VPAP. A few things jump out at me:

    1. Two of the most far-right/extreme members of the House of Delegates (Dave LaRock and Nick Freitas) have introduced the most bills in that chamber.  Fortunately, the vast majority are being killed either in the House or by the Senate Democratic “firewall.”
    2. There’s a huge range in terms of the # of bills introduced in the House of Delegates, from 44 by LaRock and 43 by Freitas…all the way down to ZERO for Speaker Todd Gilbert and Del. Ken Plum, just three each for Delegates Kim Taylor, Clint Jenkins, and Lamont Bagby. I’m not clear as to why there’s such a wide range; any ideas? (Note: obviously, delegates who are in top leadership positions – Todd Gilbert, Eileen Filler-Corn – don’t usually introduce a ton of bills, in part due to their other duties being highly time consuming.)
    3. In the Democratic-controlled State Senate, 8 of the top 10 in terms of # of bills introduced are Democrats, with Senators Jennifer McClellan (41), Ghazala Hashmi (37) and Jennifer Boysko (32) leading the pack. On the Republican side, Bill DeSteph introduced 32 bills, Bill Stanley 27 bills and Bryce Reeves 26 bills. At the bottom in terms of # of bills introduced are Sen. Janet Howell (5 bills), Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (6 bills), Sen. Lionell Spruill (7 bills). Of course, people like Saslaw and Howell have major leadership duties to take care of (e.g., Saslaw is Majority Leader, Howell heads up the powerful – and busy! – Finance/Appropriations Committee), so the fact that they haven’t introduced a lot of bills makes sense.  Also note that there’s not as wide a range in the State Senate as in the House of Delegates in terms of introduced legislation, but still a pretty big spread from top to bottom.
    4. As Cindy/VAPLAN points out, “This is scheduled to be the last week of session (unless it needs to be extended). Of over 2,800 bills introduced, nearly 1,000 have passed (only 14 signed by the Governor, 1 vetoed), and 1,200 died. That leaves over 600 bills that need to be dealt with this week, so these will be long days in Richmond!”
    5. What else jumps out at you?


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