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Audio: LG Winsome Sears Comments on SCOTUS Abortion Opinion, Says “All of a sudden we know what a woman is now?” and “the KKK could not be happier about so many Black women not having their babies”


See below for audio from this morning’s appearance by LG Winsome Sears on right-wing radio (WRVA/John Reid Show), in which she was asked about the huge Supreme Court news about probably overturning/gutting Roe v Wade. Check out this exchange:

Host John Reid: “I’m told that I’m not allowed to have an opinion on this issue as a male and as a gay guy, I’m supposed to not open my mouth about it. I guess lesbians are able to speak about it, but I’m not allowed to. But why do you think this is – why is THIS issue such a potent political and emotional issue for people?

LG Winsome Sears: “Well first of all, John, we don’t even know what a woman is. I mean, please…a couple weeks ago. I’m still trying to figure out what a woman is. I’m going to have to go get a biologist to tell me. You know, it’s ridiculous.  Now do we see the farce in what they say? Now do we see the stupid word games that they play with us, John? And we stand for this nonsense? All of a sudden we know what a woman is now? Well alright then. But let’s talk about the issue itself. You know, it bothers me that the KKK could not be happier about so many Black women not having their babies…We contribute more to the death of infants than any other women. Black women make up 7% of the population yet we have 40% of the abortions. 40% of the abortions. 40% of Black children are not here…Those who talk about ‘Black Lives Matter’, don’t these Black babies’ lives matter?…But wait a minute John, it gets even worse. Wait, there’s more! In California and New York, they’re putting in bills that you can possibly, not even, like murder the child after maybe what a year?. You know, I don’t really like this baby, I’m going to give it back…And by the way, that’s why I ran for Congress so many years ago against my opponent, Bobby Scott, because he made some votes where he decided that anybody could take your underage child across state lines for an abortion and not even getting your permission and just bring her back as if nothing happened…”


Of course, pretty much all of this is either false or heavily distorted. For instance, Sears’ allegations about California and New York have been debunked repeatedly as FALSE by PolitiFact (also see here and here and here and…). As for the “we don’t even know what a woman is,” that’s apparently a reference to the bizarre “questioning” by right-wing Senators of Judge (now confirmed Supreme Court Justice) Ketanji Brown-Jackson a few weeks ago about how a woman should be defined. Regarding her reference to Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA03), it appears that she’s referring to this (“During consideration of the bill, Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) offered an amendment that would have exempted doctors, nurses, and other medical providers, taxicab drivers, bus drivers or others in the business of professional transportation from being charged with a crime for transporting a minor across state lines for an abortion without parental or guardian consent. The amendment was defeated, 179-245.”), but who knows. Anyway…that was quite a revealing exchange on right-wing radio this morning by Virginia’s Lt. Governor.



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