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VA Reproductive Equity Alliance: Far-Right Del. Marie March’s “Personhood” Bill “puts the lives of pregnant people at risk and strips them of control over their bodies”

"This bill also bans access to critical forms of contraception, such as IUDs."


This is why it’s so crucial that Democrats turn out in large numbers next year to make sure we keep control of the State Senate – and preferably increase the Democratic majority – and take back the House of Delegates!

Statement from the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance Regarding Del. Marie March’s Personhood Bill – HB1395:

In the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and despite the vast majority of Virginians who oppose it, Virginia’s anti-abortion elected officials keep proving there are no limits to their extremism and true intentions to ban abortion for all Virginians.

Delegate Marie March (R-7 ) has made it her mission to bring the most extreme version of an abortion ban to the Commonwealth. Delegate March’s bill, HB1395, puts the lives of pregnant people at risk and strips them of control over their bodies. This bill also bans access to critical forms of contraception, such as IUDs.

It is a stunning display of ignorance regarding contraception and pregnancy, which further supports the notion that politicians aren’t medical experts and shouldn’t interfere in people’s personal medical decisions. This bill also does not allow any medical intervention for miscarriage, fetal anomalies, or health implications for the pregnant person. This is an example of the callous, restrictive, and dangerous legislation that seeks to control every aspect of a person’s reproductive decision-making.  Extremist politicians want to take away your freedom to make medical decisions and to control your own body and life path.

The bill is a total ban on abortion. It also bans some of the most effective forms of contraception, including IUDs.  Access to IUDs and other contraceptive methods are critical for many reasons, including but not limited to preventing pregnancy, controlling fertility, regulating hormones, and treating reproductive health conditions. Banning safe and effective forms of contraception is harmful and ultimately takes away a person’s ability to control their reproductive health. The harm of forced pregnancy falls hardest on those already failed by our health system, especially those working to make ends meet in BIPOC communities. This is what taking freedom away from people and families looks like. This is not what 77% of Virginia voters want.

Virginians want the ability to make their own decisions about their lives and futures. This is government overreach at its worst and most dangerous. Delegate Marie March, Governor Youngkin, and Speaker Todd Gilbert are completely out of touch with what Virginians want, and this bill makes that crystal clear.


The Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance is a statewide coalition made up of 13 different organizations who support reproductive health and equity. 

Members of the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance:

Birth In Color RVA
Blue Ridge Abortion Fund
Equality Virginia
Hampton Roads Reproductive Justice League
Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice – Virginia
Progress Virginia
New River Abortion Access Fund
National Council of Jewish Women, Virginia
National Women’s Political Caucus-Virginia
REPRO Rising Virginia
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project
Virginia Civic Engagement Table
Virginia NOW (National Organization for Women)
Whole Woman’s Health Alliance


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